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Our FB Alumni Community is Growing!

Join Now! 

Send us your photo via facebook message or email us at  Don’t forget to label it with your batch population or class year.

Alumni COmmunity is Growing - Invitation


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Movie starsWho said we don’t wanna take a bite on showbiz themed blogs.  We know it’s hard to encapsulate everything that we would like to post here in a single phrase.  But in our view, the one element that runs through everything in our blogs is a commitment to sheer information and nothing more. 

We believe that any topic of interest (even showbiz topics) kay IN sad siguro oy!  Anyway ‘tis the type of topic that everybody will surely take pleasure of sharing over a bottle of ‘Jazz’ cola and a packet of peanuts “mani”… but not to feast on gossip guys. 

Here, we also feature famous showbiz personalities that some fans out there will be interested to peek in.  It’s like a taste of entertainment that we want to share at our alumni community.  Who knows someday we will see one or two alumni enjoying the spotlight in a big screen.  For sure, it would be great, perhaps a moment to reckon with.  

Before that happens and for a start, let us be contented gazing at two famous celebrities in Hollywood.  Introducing the actor for blockbuster movies Batman ‘Christian Bale’ and Skyfall / James Bond movie, ‘Daniel Craig’.  Girls, get ready to fall in love!  Guys, meet your competitions!

Please click on the comment button to give us your ‘peg’ on famous showbiz personalities here and abroad.  Maybe we can post it here.

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High School Humor

Here’s a new high school humor that will surely get everyone in our alumni community talking.  While the creator chooses to remain anonymous saying she claims it is a creative outlet for the inspiration she get from her high school memories. 

It’s a cute illustration of how a couple of alumni (read as Batch 1996) may have been like inside the math class of Mr. Math Wizard.  The creator wants to portray a cherished moment in her high school days, a Math topic that until now she has hard time reconciling hehehe — it’s about High school Algebra.   

The illustration shows some humor in it, an alumna looking outside the classroom, getting annoyed as she hears someone inviting a friend to sneak out for a swimming spree in Lumapas Beach. 

A ‘serious’ student showing confidence to get a perfect score; while her seatmate’s getting irritated for the test. 

Another asking a seatmate if he could have a glimpse on her answer; while the seatmate rebuffing on the classmate’s irritating habit and one that simply shows clear objection on the topic (the creator herself, hahaha).


High School Humor 1

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It never ceases to amaze us how many alumni actively involved in homecoming events and school related activities. We recently had conversations with some alumni telling us how proud they were to have attended high school at BNHS and how their former teachers helped transform their way of life.  Some went on to tell how pleased they were to have had participated the 25th Anniversary of our school and meeting their own alumni population.  Some coming from afar but choose to attend the grand homecoming in order to relive their beautiful high school memories.

With our constant immersion in the alumni community at facebook and getting in touch with different alumni populations (read as batches), we sometimes forget that others would think that gatherings like these are  just fun moments and nothing more, even others would know better.

Homecoming is a source of promise for every alumna.  It promises relevant differentiated benefits.  Among these benefits that alumni could get are: (1) Reviving the conventional recognition & acceptance amongst our mates ‘batch or school mates alike’ and respect from our former teachers; (2) Establishing a foundation that would solidify aspirations to give back something to the school we merely owed our basic education; (3) Acquiring possible support system amongst each other or reliving the ‘bayanihan’ spirit in our alumni community by way of helping one another. 

We cannot deny that there are alumni who have had reached the pinnacle of their journey (read as success) while others are still moving at pace.   Every homecoming opens door of information among each other that might be useful for work prospects, career advice or any form of aid that ameliorates life.    

Whatever differentiated benefits that each homecoming has, it is important that the promise or proposition be delivered consistently at each point of alumni contact, time after time.  And while they are important, they are only effective to the extent that they reinforce an underlying promise that is compelling to the alumni’s target goals and interests—whether personal, school or overall alumni community of BNHS.

The 2013 Grand Alumni Homecoming was definitely a good start guys.  Hopefully our next grand homecoming will supersede the last one.  And this time, more alumni will finally come home (read as school) to help and participate in whatever capacities they can.

Thank you BNHS for you continue to stand mighty at 25!

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Bringing BNHS Graduates Closer With Each Other

We will start introducing one alumnus to the other in our Who’s Who Section.   Featured alumni will be randomly published on our facebook fan page and alumni blog site.  As our way of getting to know each other, we will label each photo with class year.

The moderator does not necessarily assume total familiarity for all graduates, hence, we would like to encourage everyone to also submit clear information to us. 

Please send your recent photo or picture of any alumnus/alumna with ‘batch’ year graduated.   THIS IS NOT A NOMINATION OR SELECTION PROCESS but just a simple introduction among ourselves, so we will get  acquainted with fellow alumni.

Who knows, this effort will bring us closer with each other, create a support system in our community and somehow bridge the gap of unfamiliarity amongst each other.

So help us introduce you to the rest of our alumni community.

 Sylvia MontaVinyl CaballeroTeresita QuimcoRachel OganaNasher SalogaolDavid DerechoMarlon PinoteHazel AntiguaJilma GoodJason MonilarHarry AntiguaEunice IboElmer HortezuelaMorena VillegasMary Ann Pelayo 001Maricar SusonLito CatamisanJay ArmeroRaquel Casas ArnejoGretel ArnejoNil IboDino CaneteNanette ArmodiaAlvin S BentazalKaren Kiseo TaneoElvie SumayangJoven Vanguardia

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A Piece of History: Our Independence

Cover Blog - Phil Independence

What do People do?

Independence Day is a day when many people, including government officials, employees, and students, participate in nationwide parades.  However, the main highlight is the police and military parade in Manila headed by the country’s incumbent president, followed by a speech and a 21-gun salute.  Many Filipinos spend the day in parks and malls. Many Filipino communities in other countries also observe the nation’s Independence Day celebrations.  

Public life

The Philippine’s Independence Day is a national holiday so government offices are closed.  There are absolutely no classes in all schools.  Many business establishments are closed except shopping centers. Public transport such as buses, passenger jeeps, and tricycles still operate but their routes may be limited due to the closure of streets used for parades.       


The annual June 12 observance of Philippine’s Independence Day came into effect after past President Diosdado Macapagal signed the Republic Act No. 4166 regarding this matter on August 4, 1964.  This Act legalized the holiday, which is based on the Declaration of Independence on June 12, 1898 by General Emilio Aguinaldo and Filipino revolutionary forces from the Spanish colonization.  The Philippines’ flag was raised and its national anthem was played for the first time in 1898.  However, liberty was short-lived because Spain and the United States did not recognize the declaration. 

The 1898 Treaty of Paris ended the war between Spain and the United States. Spain surrendered the entire archipelago comprising the Philippines to the United States.  The Philippines started a revolt against the United States in 1899 and achieved national sovereignty on July 4, 1946, through the Treaty of Manila.  Independence Day was officially observed on July 4 until the Republic Act No. 4166, which set out to move the holiday to June 12, was approved on August 4, 1964.


The Flag of the Republic of the Philippines, representing the country is symbolized by the following:

  Royal blue field – peace, truth, and justice.

  Scarlet red field – patriotism and valor.

  White triangle – equality and brotherhood. 

  Three stars on the corners of the triangle – the three main geographical regions of the country namely Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao.

  The sun at the center of the triangle – has eight rays representing the eight Philippine provinces that started the revolt against Spain.

The flag is seen in various places across towns and cities in the Philippines during the country’s Independence Day.  Many cars also sport miniature flags on this day.

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Alumni Service Program: How To Give Back

Giving back to our beautiful Alma Mater can come in many forms: volunteering, supporting in any athletic events or donating something to school. Time, talent, treasure or cheering wildly at school’s contingents to festivals or mardigras like Silmugi or Sinulog are also another forms that will keep the school thriving. Any and all of these things will continue to keep our school great.” -Admin

To acknowledge a valid suggestion from some alumni out there, we waste no time but to post it right here so others can read and share their personal opinions too. 

The suggestion is about giving back initiatives to our school.  This type of initiative, we think, can be done on individual effort, batch representation or thru’ the general service program of our school. 

For those alumni who are sending their intentions to us, on how to sponsor projects for the school, we suggest that you visit our school and discuss the matter directly with school officials.  You can also get in touch with your batch representatives or intimate with any alumni officers for further assistance.  They are the ones designated with specific responsibility to represent our alumni population. 

Thank you.

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Dear BNHS Alumni & Students,

We are inviting everyone to be part of our alumni blog site.  You can be our contributor, editor, author or follower.  Just give us your email address so we can invite you in this blog sharing site and enjoy access at the same time.

As an admin, we are maintaining the BNHS Borbon Facebook account which is link to Alumni Blog at  Since we believe in the art of free expression, we would like to insist that privilege to every BNHS alumnus/alumna who shares the same passion in writing.  We only set clear and simple editorial standards for publication of blogs, posts and articles here.  Any write ups will be accepted, as long as it supports the aim of spearheading the interest of BNHS graduates, students and the school in particular.

We started the Alumni Blog and facebook fan page in 2010 as an initiative to tap other alumni thru’ information sharing to increase our activities in the web.  An intent which promotes our beautiful Alma Mater, alumni, as well as students of BNHS…ALL IN POSITIVE AND RESPONSIBLE MANNER!  You may check the same from our facebook page timeline and on blogs published herein.

After the successful grand alumni homecoming in May 25, 2013, we find it fitting to continue the fire burning with everyone.  Hopefully, this endeavor will lead to something beneficial like philanthropic works, giving back initiatives to our school that may be discussed and shared by all alumni here.  Judging the result of the recent homecoming, we have no other aspirations at this point but to keep the communication channel open to all in order to increase alumni activities on the web that would not only promote our school but also bring in more alumni heads under one roof. 

If you want to help for the improvement of our site and for you to get access with, kindly send us your email address so we can get back to you with an invite.  Please include detail about the extent of authority you want like contributor, editor, author or follower, so we can tag you accordingly.  Right after you accept our invitation, you can immediately browse and post whatever topics of interest (but positive & responsible articles only) about students, teachers, alumni or  even the entire school community.

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Homecoming & 25th Jubilee: Event Photos & Slideshows

If you were unable to make it to recent alumni events and activities, it’s okay – we’ve got you covered. To check out photos from recent homecoming and celebration of our school’s Silver Jubilee, please click on the following posts for our photo albums:

  • 2013 Alumni Homecoming Moments – V.1
  • 2013 Alumni Homecoming Moments – V.2
  • 2013 Alumni Homecoming Moments – V.3
  • 2013 Alumni Homecoming Moments – V.4
  • 2013 Alumni Homecoming Moments – V.5

Photos also available at our facebook fan page and fb pages of other alumnus/alumna.  Just click on the BNHS Borbon facebook fan page link to see more.  Thank you.

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