Your Community too
Welcome alumni and students of Borbon National High School!

We, graduates of BNHS, will serve as the moderator of this page representing the different alumni populations.   Some of you may have finished high school at BNHS in 1992 while others are recent graduates. 

We set up this site to help reconnect all other alumni population of Borbon National High School with the many new things happening around our community and in our school in particular. Please click on our facebook fan page link to learn more about what interests you (or just keep reading this page!).


If you are a graduate or a student of Borbon National High School, then, this blog site is for you. 

You can also share as much information you have about our beautiful school, teachers that you admire in high school, classmates that you have special interest with or anything that would be  significant to you or to anyone in order to make this site more exciting. 

Or if you want to be privy with the information you wish to share with us, just let us know by sending us a confidentiality notice.  Asuring you that we will conform when publishing your blogs on this site.  Please note that we will only publish articles which adhere to our editorial standards. WE PUBLISH BLOGS AND ARTICLES WITH POSITIVE & SUBSTANTIAL CONTENT ONLY!     Send as many entries as you like and we’ll promise to publish it all right here.   The administrator still reserves the right to edit entries that meet with the aforementioned standard. 

The BNHS Alumni Blog Site:  What You Need To Know? 

BNHS Alumni Blog Site is a special blog site for Borbon National High School graduates and students.  Opinions and views contained on this site are not necessarily those of the school, as a publisher.  The site is maintained by concerned alumni acting as moderator(s) with the sole intent of providing an avenue for graduates and students of Borbon National High School to interact with each other, discuss topics related to life experiences and to reminisce countless moments as we trip down memory lane. 

Readers are advised to seek special advice before acting on information contained on this blog site, which is for alumni and students use only and may not be appropriate for the reader’s particular circumstances. 

BLOGGERS CIRCLE:  Contributors for this BNHS Alumni Blog Site

  • Batch 1992 (Pioneering Batch)
  • Batch 1993
  • Batch 1994
  • Batch 1995
  • Batch 1996
  • Batch 1997
  • Batch 1998
  • Batch 1999
  • Batch 2000
  • Batch 2001
  • Batch 2002
  • Batch 2003
  • Batch 2004
  • Batch 2005
  • Batch 2006
  • Batch 2007
  • Batch 2008
  • Batch 2009
  • Batch 2010
  • Batch 2011
  • Batch 2012
  • Batch 2013
  • BNHS Students

5 responses to “WELCOME EVERYONE

  1. Mark Anthony D. Tulod

    This is a very good initiative being created for the BNHS Alumni…

  2. Mark Anthony D. Tulod

    Please include my brother in the alumni list for batch 1999. His name is Adrian D. Tulod…thank you.

  3. Aireen

    I am happy to be part of the BNHS family, knowing that all of our beloved teachers taught as well the good values and lessons in every hour we were at the campus,also it helped us to enhance our talents and capabilities for giving each individual the opportunity to speak-up and perform inside or outside the class. Favoritism is never been seen in every section, it was only the student who shines thoroughly inside or outside the class provided by the knowledge and confidence he had. 🙂 Thank you BNHS! I ❤ my High School Life. 🙂

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