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Our 2nd ALUMNI PULSE Valentine Issue is set to release in February, 2011. We are inviting all alumni out there to contribute their stories with us.

Everyone is welcome to share. 

Email us at registered(underscore_)nurse123@yahoo(dot)com.

A glimpse to our 2nd Alumni Pulse issue… Enjoy!


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Here’s a mood changing story from one alumna working in MEPZ, Lapu-Lapu City.  We enjoyed reading his story and we hope you’ll enjoy it too.  If you also have some stories to tell, please email it to us at

How’s your mood today?

As the old saying goes… when you wake up in a sulky mood surely you get up at the wrong side of the bed.

When I asked my nine-year old nephew, “how’s your mood today?”, he simply just said, “it depends… if you will not intimidate me today!”. Surprising yet clever answer from a kid who makes me feel sorry for asking.  Actually I am fond of making jokes to some of my nephews that they either end up crying or turns grumpy at the latter.  Speaking of moods, I also think that our dispositions at any given point in time may equally relate to that of the children.

I worked in MEPZ for quite some time now as an (position withheld) practitioner.  Every morning before going to work, I carry out with my morning ritual on the mirror trying to convince myself that I am happy and that I am as handsome as John Lloyd— hahaha.  Though most of the time it didn’t work, yet I always see to it that I started my day with a happy mood.

My mood transformation begins upon reaching the office.  As expected, the happy mood I had at the boarding house will gradually diminish when appalling stimuli from work will also begin to sinks in.  First, I’m hearing my boss yelling over the phone as if he was in a fight with someone in close confrontations.  A curious mood gets into my senses trying to know who that poor guy was at the other end of the line.

The daily scene in my work was just like seeing my very self at the middle of the crowd that nobody cares what the hell I am up to.

As I turn right, girls’ from gossip department are busy with their tittle-tattle and if I have the urge to hear what’s hot and what’ not in our organization, surely I end up having a sneaky and chatty mood at the corner with these girls.  To my left, the masculados from our engine-err-ing department are busy with something in the computers too.  For what I knew, these boys are watching some naughty content from the internet to feed in their minds and believe me you wouldn’t wanna know any further… hahaha.  Let’s just say, boys will always be boys.

My mood neutralized when the office clock reaches five, but just temporary. Because this time, I really need to take a deeper breath as the fracas continues.     It’s when I am taking a PUJ ride on a super busy traffic starting from MEPZ going to my boarding house in Sikatuna Street.  Imagine that! You’ll arrive late at night craving for what’s left in the kitchen.

If no left-over, my head turns hot and can even boil an egg at an instant… stress mood.

Now my turn to ask… how about your mood today?

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Best Christmas Gift Suggestions

To your enemy, forgiveness.


To an opponent, tolerance.


To a friend, your heart.


To a customer, service.


To all, charity.




To every child, a good example.


To yourself, respect.

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Who thinks that graduates from Borbon National High School will just shy away from the powerhouse of free expressions— the social media or internet, amalgamates?  The conservative thinking we may have simply cannot inhibit us from penetrating the trend society has these days.

We know reaching people in our time ‘way back the 90’s’ was easier said than done.  However, this time, other than sending traditional post mails, we could now readily talk and chat live with people we used to know at the very comfort of our home- provided that we have the available connections from our desktop or laptop.

So to perch ourselves into the drifting and vogue of society for social networking, this BNHS alumni blog site has been created to open the window of opportunity for all graduates and students of Borbon National High School to air their voice.

Every BNHS alumna is welcome to have his/her say right here.  Have your say now coz’ this site is our own voice in the blogosphere.

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14/12/2010 · 4:10 pm


DON’T LET DEPRESSION GET THE BETTER OF YOU. The joys and the blues are the ups and downs of life and one should find ways of coping with the latter to get on in life. The reasons vary, the length of time it lasts varies, but there are many natural ways to fight the blues. Meditation and breathing exercises require a focus, a oneness –all work as a natural relaxant to the body. Steeping yourself, in activities like reading, listening to music, painting or de-cluttering your home will shifts your mind away from more weighty issues. Below are a few simple and time-tested ways to beat the blues…

Enjoy the great outdoor

Sunshine is necessary to dispel the clouds of gloom. Go swimming at the beach, the likes of Lumapas or Silveria; enjoy picnic at Maslog spring, wade in a stream or go boating at Silmugi river.

Drinking is a total “No, no”

Alcohol tends to make depression worse. It’s true that in the beginning there is a high or euphoric rush, which is soon replaced by a deeper than ever low. Moreover, the morning after brings with it not only a physical hangover but also the accompanying guilt and low self-image that follows every binge with the bottle.

Reach out to friends

Reaching out to someone to share your burden automatically reduces the blues that you are lugging around by half. Just get in touch with your friends, or befriend and create some at our alumni association in facebook; they may need the same as badly as you do. Loneliness will only increase your blues tenfold.

Write anytime, anywhere

Writing is the most cathartic of hobbies. Firstly, the writing is a means to let go of all those deep dark fears, frustrations and insecurities that are key causes that lead us to the dark abyss of depression. It is one activity that is non-judgmental so you can spew out all those pent-up feelings and emotions in the privacy of your room. Moreover, putting problems on paper helps keep things in perspective, giving an objection view of the entire situation. Make this blog site as an avenue of releasing your bad feelings over things. Write it down and let others share their good counsels. We have a lot of alumni out there who are knowledgeable in some sort of things, and maybe we can get help.

Read and learn something

Transport yourself to another land or make up a land you can transport yourself to. Lose yourself in a flight of fancy of your own or the writer’s and you will find yourself drifting away from your own problems.

Above all else- appreciate every seconds of your life and enjoy it to the fullest. Depression is nothing but just a pathetic excuse from frustrations over things. Don’t let it ruin your day.

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13/12/2010 · 11:41 pm



As a sequel to the thread ‘SO MANY FACES & GRACES’, we will bring you another set of alumni to be featured in our blog this time.

Facebook and other online medium, all have pivotal roles in revailing the other side of our personality nowadays. At the very prompt, we can post our most recent pictures and feat- conveying the enormous changes in our physical, if not our cerebral development, as people may call it.

Ang uban sa atong mga alumni sa pagkakaron kay ni-gwapa ug ni-gwapo na gyud ug maayo, while others remain their sugary and appealing looks even to the turn of time.

Thus, as a tribute, here comes another set of photos of our dear alumni randomly picked at facebook.

This time, we call it GIRL POWER! So wait till we finally reveal the BOYS POWER of BNHS… next time!  Enjoy.

TOP: Ms. Morena Villegas-Batch 94, Ms. Wilda Abunado-Batch 93 & Ms. Maricar Suson – Batch 95

 BOTTOM: Ms. Elvie Sumayang-Batch 93, Ms. Naneth Armodia-Batch 95, Ms. Karen Kiseo (Taneo) 94

We will be posting more photos from other batches (in random selection only) for our succeeding posts and we act contritely if we cannot post more- due to time, source and space limitations.

But if you have some pictures you want us to post here, please email it to us at and again, the honor is always ours.

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Welcome Year 2011!

The D-DAY will finally come at last. We bid a fond farewell to the year 2010 and embrace the coming year with a whole lot of hopes, promises, resolutions and aspirations….

The year 2010 has ended with a bang and a lot of fanfare hopefully giving way to another equally exciting year ahead.

Despite the hang-over from the global financial crisis and the numerous ups and downs of the year gone by, one can still look back on a positive note that not only have people taken all this in their stride and coped with the changing times and fortunes but have learned from their mistakes and adapted stoically and moved onward and forward.

The never-say die attitude and fortitude of the people of Borbon and BNHS alumni alike to face challenges must be acknowledged and saluted.  

In keeping with the positively cheerful note, we want to encapsulate all that we or our school, the BNHS have achieved over the past years. We want to capture events and achievements over the past years or the past twelve months that fill us with a warm sense of pride as we or our school itself takes its place on the world wide web with the quiet, strength and confidence as befits our mature and ever-evolving life.

For our young or the not so young alumni out there (from Batch 92 to the present batch), you can send us your collection of your wonderful sojourn that reflects your verve and enthusiasm for life and your upbeats. Memorable photos of your travel or gatherings are definitely bound to bring smile to our faces. Share it with us, and we assure to find a special place of your pictures here at our alumni blog site.

All else failing, the time tested tunes and embellishment of Christmas in almost all neighborhoods will cure us of our blues in time to ring in the New Year with good cheer.

On that cheery note, we bid adieu to 2010 and wish all our alumni a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead.

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“The New Year heralds happiness and harmony for one and all”.


New Year’s Eve is the harbinger of all those awaited moments, which act like a concourse of happy times, success and loads of laughter that we have experienced throughout the year. And all such moments become happier still when New Year celebrations add to their splendor. The entire spree that keeps us busy before the arrival of New Year aims at bringing in new hopes along with a strong feeling that the coming year will herald happiness and harmony. Thus, the last day of the going year and the first day of the New Year are the days when the festive mood reigns supreme in the minds of everyone. On such occasions one can be forgiven for a little unwarranted craziness, for the effervescence of all that joy, celebration and gaiety can go to one’s head. New Year’s Day is the first of the calendar year and the celebrations are both festive and serious. Many people make New Year’s resolutions to break bad habits or to start good ones. Whether one is able to stand by those resolutions is another matter altogether. Some pensively ponder over the mistakes committed during the past year vowing resolutely to refrain from going down that sorry path again. It is a time to reflect on the past and envision a future, perhaps, in a world where people live together in peace and harmony. Let us bring you to the different celebrations of New Year from around the world.

Let’s take a glimpse about how other cultures including ours in Borbon celebrate New Year…


Chinese New Year is one of the most awaited festivals in China. The New Year eve as well as the Chinese New Year is celebrated with the family and a banquet in honor of departed ancestors which is held on the eve of the Chinese New Year. It is a belief that the spirits of departed relatives will join the living in order to celebrate the arrival of the New Year together. (Definitely not for the fainthearted, I should think). The Chinese New Year Eve Party includes wearing a new set of clothes and shoes. The elders distribute money to the young ones in red envelopes, called a ‘lee see’ or lucky money envelope. Red banners or couplets are placed all around the house with New Year wishes and symbols of good fortune inscribed in gold. A tray of eight different types of candles is kept, each symbolizing good fortune. The traditional food items include Jai, Fish and chicken noodles and desserts. Chinese dumplings imply wealth as they are in shape of ancient Chinese gold or silver ingots.


The Iranian New Year is No-Rooz which means “New Day”. It is traditionally the exact beginning of Spring. Iranians consider No-Rooz as the biggest celebration of the year and start with cleaning their houses, and buying new clothes for the occasion. But a major part of New Year rituals is setting the “Haft Seen” or seven specified items which are: Seeb (apple), Sabze (green grass), Serke (Vinegar), Samanoo (a meal out of wheat), Senjed (a special kind of berry), Sekke (coin) and Seer (garlic). Zoroastrians today have the ritual of growing seven seeds as a reminder that this is the seventh feast of creation, while their sprouting into new growth symbolized resurrection and eternal life to come.


In the United States, many people go to New Year’s Eve parties. Crowds gather in Times Square in New York City, on State Street in Chicago, and in other public places. At midnight, bells ring, siren sound, firecrackers explode, and everyone shouts, “Happy New Year!” People also drink a toast to the New Year and sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’. On New Year’s Day, most people visit their relatives, attend religious services, or watch football games on television. Some people attend parades, such as the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California and the Mummer’s Parade in Philadelphia.


In our hometown of course, many older people go to mass at Saint Sebastian Church while the young gather at the plaza for New Year’s Eve disco. Before midnight, most people including the youngsters will go to church to witness the countdown and welcoming of the New Year which is aptly celebrated with loud sound of the trumpets from public vehicles, the clattering of empty cans and gallons purposely attached at the rare end of moving vehicles just to create some clamor whilst making turpitudes from the plaza, then traversing as far as the last coastal barangay of the town. Blasting sounds of firecrackers from the houses of affluent people in town will also add glitters to the celebration including the countdown instigated at the plaza with a jubilant crowd shouting Happy New Year. In homes, some families prepare sumptuous meals to be shared as salo-salo among family members and relatives. As a tradition, some will wear dresses and shirts in polka dots or anything red with an imprint and patterns of round figures.


Asians, particularly the Chinese, believe in driving out evil and bad luck for the year ahead by creating loud noises. At the stroke of midnight, Filipino children, and sometimes adults, jump up from the floor to ensure growing taller in coming year. Most families in the Philippines and other parts of Asia try as much as possible to collect eight types of round fruits for New Year’s Eve. Irish families strike Christmas bread on walls and doors to drive away bad spirits and misfortunes. While Italians eat balls of dough soaked in honey to secure a sweet year.

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Let’s chill!

December is the season for parties, parties and more parties. We have to expect that when Christmas season comes, all are raring to go out and enjoy some social events and gatherings. May it be with the circles of friends, family or even frenemies. Providentially, reconciliation is also in the air this very time of the year. Dili maayo ang magdumot ug labing dili maayo ang mga nakasimangot sa pasko ug bag-ong tuig!

As Christmas is well thought-out as the season of joy and forgiveness, we expect that most of us will also start assessing some unfinished business we have with other people and for us to have a good lead in the year 2011. We need to begin a new year with radiant spirits and blissful hearts (make it a part of your resolution guys). Let us put behind all the troubles we have had for this year and let’s move forward for the good of our brothers and sisters in Borbon for 2011.

Those living in the city or in other countries may have more than their social and cultural platters full with a plethora of activities taking place there. But mind you, we also have plenty of activities to look forward to in the localities of Borbon.

In school alone (at BNHS), we’re pretty sure that when the calendar reveals the last 3 letters of the month, to read as ‘ber’, school affairs have already been lined up for students to showcase their social endowments.

Not to mention, the much anticipated disco at Poblacion plaza, the Christmas revelry in the neighborhoods, the merrymaking with old time friends and classmates at Lumapas or Silveria beaches. Or perhaps some have already planned a picnic at Maslog— another splendid get-away to consider among teens in Borbon nowadays.

With the social activities on the upswing, it’s important to get back into shape – forsake fad diets like lechon, humba, menudo, mechado, adobo, dinuguan, hamonada and the ever sumptuous yet rich in cholesterol seafoods- the likes of pusit, lambay, prawns, etc. When attending lavish parties, don’t forget to slow down your curb for fatty foods and if your appetite really couldn’t resist it, try eating only a bit of those.

You can go all out nutty this December but save more energy till January next year for the feast of our patron saint, San Sebastian the Martyr, for it will be another superfluity of local delicacies and fiesta events combined.

For this opportune time, let us be the first to greet everyone in Borbon- a very merry Christmas, a very prosperous new year and an extremely jovial celebration of our town fiesta on 20th of January, 2011. That’s few more days away guys!

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