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We are pleased to hear that sometimes life is just so surprisingly good.  Actually we had chatted with a long time friend at FB and during our online talks… we have found out that she’s a thriving career woman nowadays and working in one reputable international organization as a marketing professional.

So it started in a pangumusta and all, effortless kaayo, char, then sharing stories and acquaintances during high school.  The memories shared were so gratifying, much more when we started to roll our chat “like mga foolishness done inside the classroom kaniadto, the cutting-classes, the sungog-sungog sa mga crushes,  mga away among the bff, and not to mention — the likes & dislikes nga nauso kaayo sa among mga slumbook before, apil gani ang among mga likes nga teachers kaniadto, lol.”

According to Ms. D, she has come across our blog just recently and she found it amusing to read some topics about high school; and would love to share some of her interesting stories too.  So while waiting for Ms. D to send her piece to us, we couldn’t wait but share some of the details she has mentioned during our chat as we asked these questions, “How you manage your day given all the stress and pressures from your work?  And how your day looks like?”  Simpol lang kaayo ang iyang tubag.

Read how Ms. D designs her life for a day— taken from our online chat on Nov. 17, 2010.  Gi-English na lang ni ha para social paminawon, joke, but actually our chat was done in our own lingo— BISDAK (Bisayang Dako!) 

As told by Ms. D!

Every day as I wake up, my mind starts recalling where I started of yesterday.  A fresh cuppa coffee charges my mind and even before I have had the last sip of my coffee, the day’s itinerary is all set in my mind.  I am techno savvy but I still count on my personal skills and use technology only to assist me and not the other way around.

7:00am:  Shower and choose my outfit from wardrobe carefully yet fast.  I care about being simple and classy.  I do not just see but notice what I wear.   

8:10am:  My long spree of calls starts in the early hours, checking with my colleagues and my business contacts.  The advantage is that they are all actively awake and their day has already started. My day could start up from anywhere.  It’s a new start every day.

9:00am:  If I start my day from my office, the day starts with the sound my keyboard and I have to attend to all queries that I may had in my inbox.

11:00pm:  I make sure that I am prepared with all the needs to be discusses with the management.  A big part in the morning goes in coordinating with my marketing team and attending calls and queries, sometimes complaints from clients.

12:00pm:  It’s lunch time for me. 

6:00pm:  It’s usually retreat time but actually, my workday is nowhere even close to being over.  Sometimes it’s catching up with a friend from FB or at times my well-wishers who have been there for me in times of necessity and now are there always to encourage me.  I believe in maintaining healthy relationships that’s why I tried to send nice messages to my friends and clients.

8:00pm:  Dinner is usually with close friends.  It could start early… as long as it may take to make it a nice evening.

9:00pm:  Finally, I reach home and set the mood for sleeping with a book of my choice.  I don’t have any preferences but I often read encouraging books from positive-minded people.  Until I wake the next morning… to yet another busy and fulfilling day.

Ana lang ang akong life karon.  Simple but fulfilling, as Ms. D finally ended her chat.

Anyway, we’ll wait for Ms. D to send to us her interesting stories before at BNHS so we can also read and enjoy.


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•From Free Press Association

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People are unhappy with the lack of face-to-face time they spend with friends and family, a study has found.

The incessant march of technology is to blame with texting, emailing and social networking taking over from traditional chatting, it found.

The research reveals that 95% of those quizzed are dissatisfied with the amount of ‘real’ time they spend with friends and family. Whilst 58% prefer face to face above all other forms of communication, the nation’s dependence on chatting online – gadget to gadget – is reducing the time available for socialising.

One in three (31%) admit to wasting time browsing online without any clear purpose – a phenomenon known as Wilfing (What Was I Looking For).

The study also revealed that one in five people find managing their online accounts time consuming, whilst some (4%) declare it takes up most of their time.

Some 25% of consumers are concerned about becoming more dependent on technology for their social connections while a fifth (21%) cite loneliness as a major concern.

Behavioural psychologist Peter Collett said: “Gadget to gadget is fine, provided it doesn’t replace face to face. “In fact gadget to gadget comes into its own when it’s used to arrange face to face.

That way people get the best of both worlds – a digital fix followed by the rich rewards of human company.”

The research was conducted by Nescafe Gold Blend and The Future Laboratory.

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Take a look at the images sent to us by Vangie (BNHS Alumna) about her experience going to Simala Church.  We give a place for Vangie’s photos here so everyone can see and enjoy.

Top Photo:  The front view of the whole church structure.  Bottom:  A countless steps going to the church, though tiring according to Vangie but they’re having fun. 


Last November 19, 2010, we had the chance to visit the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist aka Simala Church in Barangay Lindogon, Sibonga, Cebu.  The last time we were here was way back in 2008 when we had an excursion (religious tour) with some of my friends in SFC-Borbon.

If you guys can still remember, a controversy rocked this church few months back.  Despite the controversy, the monastery is still considered as one of the most popular (and most talked-about) religious structures in the island today.

For those who have not visited the new Simala yet, please take a look at some of the recent developments and changes that I captured from my digi-cam when we were there. 

And if you’re planning to visit the new Simala, I suggest you better go in groups and don’t forget to send invitation for me.  You can also call your classmates out there and plan your excursion now.  I believe it will give you personal and spiritual upliftment and satisfaction too.  Visit the place to see it yourself!

This photo shows the new crossways… kinda cool, right?

But guys, take a look at my discovery in the petition board inside the church.  No wonder why our very own “peoples champ” Congressman Manny Pacquiao always get that divine blessings during his fights.

Vangie – BNHS Alumna

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One alumna named TJ who is currently working in Mandaue City has sent us a rebus brainteaser and she needs our help to solve the puzzle. She needs some possible answers to the picture below so she can present it to her boss. Try to send your answers by clicking that comment portion below and let’s help TJ solve the puzzle.


According to TJ she was informed by her boss that rebus is a picture representation of a name, work or phrase. Each rebus puzzle box below portrays a common word or phrase. Can you guess it?

@BNHS Alumni & Students: If you have some answers in your mind, please let us know.


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BNHS Alumni Blog: What’s this?

Photo Credit: A. de Roda

First, the BNHS Alumni Blog site is, of course, dedicated to BNHS alumni and students.  We have created this to use as an interactive site for students and alumni of Borbon National High School in order to discuss school-related topics and concerns that are purely academic in nature (so politics, back off! lol).  This site only carries a simple intent— to share our unique personal experiences during our four year stay at Borbon National High School and what we have become right now.   

As we believe that we have too much to share, thus, we hope that every student and alumna of BNHS will use this opportunity to contribute their own personal stories, comments and feedbacks or even the impact the school has given us whilst concurrently learn from each other.

It’s amazing to discern how technology works nowadays and how it is possible for us this time to send one simple message to the whole world with just a click of a mouse.  We have plenty of alternative web sites to choose from— facebook, twitter, multiply, friendster or any other social networking sites.  While it is true that most of us are fond of getting into what’s in and what’s hot in the cyberspace, notwithstanding the remoteness of our place, we on the other hand craved to connect with our high school friends and fervently search them in the cyber world.

Right through this BNHS blog site, we wish to benchmark a worthwhile assembly of BNHS graduates and students.  And we are hoping that each one of us will share distinctive stories with energy and enthusiasm; and hopefully, we’ll maintain the same enthusiasm as the days, months or years pass by.  

Note:  For students of BNHS at present, we understand that you are still on the training grounds of learning.  You may also use this site to discuss or share school related queries and concerns such as research topics, problem about love (lol), seek advice or anything with sense and maybe some alumni out there can help.  Just define your questions that will adhere only to the very intent mentioned above, because we want to be subjective with every topic being discussed here and for us not to be labeled as something we’re not.  

On a lighter note, let’s try to refresh our understanding about blog.  But what is a blog anyway?

According to Wikipedia, a blog (a blend of the term web log) is a type of website or part of a website. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual or group of individuals with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.  Most blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments and even message each other via widgets on the blogs and it is this interactivity that distinguishes them from other static websites.

We would love to learn from you too. So, pop that comment below and let’s talk about it.

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To those who have sent their nice messages and comments offline,

Thank you for the favorable review you gave to BNHS Alumni Blog site.

We are pleased that you found this endeavor very interesting and amusing.

We certainly enjoyed reading your comments, feedbacks and review and would like to thank you once again for the kind words.

Rest assured, that we will continue to post more interesting and inspiring blogs that would surely add value to our beautiful Alma Mater.


Again and again, thank you.

-The Moderator

BNHS Borbon Facebook Account

Email us at…

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This is a blog entry from a certain anonymous, a very humorous BNHS alumna (name and batch withheld due to her request) and was sent to us out of pity, joke.  In a cover letter sent to us, the following notes were written:

Kanimo BNHS Borbon Moderator,

Maayong adlaw kanimo.  Hinaot nga anaa ka sa maayong panglawas.

Ganahan ko nga matagaan unta ni nimo ug igong panahon nga maapil kining akong hinan-ay nga mga pulong agi’g paghatag ug respeto sa mga maestro ug maestra nako kaniadto sa BNHS nga maoy hinungdan sa akong pagpaningkamot karon.

Palihug intawn maluoy ka sa pag-post ani aron makita ug mabasa sa akong mga teachers kaniadto.



In response to anonymous alumna, we accordingly sent a reply giving assurance to the plea.

Dear Anonymous Alumna,

Your request is noted.

Please be advised that we value contributions from our co-alumna like you.  Your blog to us is highly appreciated and we will post your entry right away.

Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful write-ups.

-BNHS Borbon Moderator

This is how the blog goes…

Photo Credit:  bnhsssg @ fb

Hello alumni! How art thou?

It’s been a very long time that I haven’t been there to my beautiful Alma Mater.  I really wanted to visit my previous school to see my old teachers (read as, ‘dating guro’) and I apologized if I haven’t been in touch with them for quite some time now— but wait, am I that important to my previous teachers in high school? Wish ko lang, lol!

Anyway, the year is about to end with a bang, literally, because of the impending Mount Bulusan eruption somewhere in Sorsogon but let’s just wish and pray that it’ll be a mild one and not catastrophic to our kababayans out there.  Bat ba ang layo ng usapan na to…abot pa hanggang Luzon.  Well, pagpasinsyahan n’yo na at medyo ganito lang talaga ako magsulat pag inspired.

You know, the year 2010 has been very good for me because I’ve learned a lot especially in reaching out to the needy and the sick. Thanks to the assistance of my friends at work (company name withheld), I consider myself quite an achiever this year.  Why?

Maybe because of my teachers in BNHS that had inspired me a lot.  Now I became a better person and I’d like to honour them in this humble list I call, My Most Admired Teachers of BNHS (Years Back).

These are just my choices ha, not the choice of the writers here or the moderator. If you don’t like my list, well, I don’t care. Hahaha! After all, this is my list and not yours. Feel free to make your own sungit though, if you want.

So ladies and gentlemen, alumni, teachers and students of BNHS, here they are.  Beware, I know I’m a bit biased, as the list comprised only of the teachers during my time.  Maybe some of the teachers listed herein may no longer teach in BNHS.

Top of my list is…  Mrs. Lorna T. Ibo (the very energetic school principal).

  1. Mrs. Lo – the effective disciplinarian and guidance counselor
  2. Mr.  Hortel – the very generous social studies teacher (kay dagko mohatag ug grades)
  3. Mrs. Polinag –  the vulnerable English teacher yet compassionate in some ways
  4. Mr. Pacaldo – the master mathematician
  5. Mrs. Tejano – the diligent teacher adviser
  6. Ms. Armodia – also the effective math teacher and adviser
  7. Mr. Taneo – the commandant and a good counselor too
  8. Mrs. de Roda – the kind-hearted home economics teacher like a typical mother
  9. Mrs. Bentulan – the clever teacher in science

10.  Mrs. Valero – the vigorous PE teacher that will make your ten bones…alive

11.  Mr. Mundo – the active PE teacher too

12.  Mrs. Monta – the English teacher who taught us the story of the “Hare and the Moon”

13.  Mrs. Oregenes – TBA (To Be Advised)

14.  Mrs. Pitogo – TBA

15.  Mr. Good – TBA

16.  Mr. Aton – TBA

If I missed the names of other teachers and their attributes, you have to understand, because I already have this thing called social regression malady.  Some of my friends said, that it’s a rare sign of a person reaching his/her late  adulthood stage— it’s quite normal though, kaya intindihin nyo na rin ako.

At isa pa, ganyan talaga ang nagagawa ‘pag lagi kang umiinom ng anti-depressant drugs, medyo magkakaroon ka na talaga ng memory lapses… joke lang.

Peace to all BNHS teachers!  We love you all and thank you very much for the learnings!

-Blog sent to us by Anonymous Alumna

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Photo Credit: J. Tugnon @ fb

The blog below tells an unusual story about classes held outdoor at BNHS years back.  Read and enjoy!   


Imagine having attended classes outdoor under the ‘caimito’ trees.  What will you expect then?

Naranasan namin ‘yon! 

Hindi ko lang alam kong andiyan pa yong puno ng ‘caimito’ na tanging witness— sa may harapan ng simbahan natin.

Bihira lang kasi ang buildings sa BNHS noon. There were only around two buildings accommodating the seniors, juniors and sophomores.  One was the old building previously housed the government employees and the likes; while the other was an annexed building na para ring ginagamit na government offices noon. 

Malas nga lang namin dahil kabago-bago namin sa BNHS.  Ganon daw ‘yon, first come first serve basis, kaya sabi ng mga nauuna sa amin… freshmen back off! 

I belong to batch 1995 kasi, so ibig sabihin pang-apat kami na grumadweyt diyan sa BNHS at sa kabutihang palad, dahil hindi pa naipatayo ang ibang buildings noon, kaya kong saan-saan kami dinadala ng adviser namin, maitawid lamang ang isang araw na klase.

Naalala ko pa, si Mrs. Blanquero, supposedly Mrs. Tejano (erratum: it was Ms. Armodia, now Mrs. Cejano nga pala, sorry guys, I stand corrected, epekto siguro ng klase under the caimito tree ) pa ‘yong class adviser namin.  She was a very diligent teacher adviser at hindi nagsasayang ng oras para turuan ang kanyang mga estudyante.  Kaya kong medyo mainit na yong punong sinisilungan namin, abay, kahit harapan ng simbahan ay pwede na ring gawing turuan.  Malas nga lang namin kong may paparating na sasakyan na may lamang kabaong dahil maaantala agad ang klase namin.  Our adviser will immediately cut short the classes at laro agad kami doon sa napakalawak na playground ng simbahan— kasi parang recess na rin yon.

Pero saglit lang yoong dilemma about insufficient classrooms before dahil sa wakas ay may naipatayong bagong buildings agad.  Sad to note nga lang because as usual, senior students will eventually move there at freshmen na naman ang kawawa.  Para ngang ‘hand-me-down’ ang usapan dahil sila ‘yong nakakatanda… kaya kung ano ang gamit nila, kailangang ‘hand-me-down’ sa mga nakababata.  Wala naman kaming reklamo noon… nagdadabog lang!

Pero napakasaya pa rin sa kabila ng ganoong sitwasyon.  Proud pa rin kami dahil natapos namin ang pag-aaral na may maikukwento kami sa mga sumusunod pang henerasyon. 

Better yet, classes under the caimito trees were somehow a worthwhile experience to tell.  It taught us essential lessons of survival though. 

Mabuti pa ang mga estudyante ngayon sa BNHS dahil they have to enjoy only the useful facilities available in school that would really suffice to their pursuit of good education. 

May kuwento rin ba kayo about an unusual experience at school?  Siguro marami… i-share n’yo dito at baka mapulutan din ng aral.

-Blog Courtesy from Batch ‘95




A short blog sent to us by LT (batch withheld) about the teacher at BNHS that she admires the most.  Just read her story and maybe you too will share the same feelings, because for me, I will also definitely concur.


She speaks clearly and fluently, very spontaneous and has a very good command in English. 

She used to cover shifts, as I remember when our English teacher was absent.  Seldom only that she taught us, yet her way of teaching really leaved a mark to me.  She was our school principal, none other than Mrs. Lorna T. Ibo.

I dreamt before that someday I will be like her, to speak well in public and carry myself professionally.  I never stopped dreaming though, and now that I am a teacher by profession, I still thought of her as an example.  What a good role model she has become to me. 

Hopefully, I can visit the school again and listen once more to her teachings. 

I am grateful for all the knowledge I had gained from BNHS and I will always treasure it. 

Thanks to Mrs. Ibo (our school principal) and my mentors before for you have lived to your vision and kept the school very competitive up to now. 

Maybe someday our path will cross again.

-Courtesy from LT

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This is a blog from RU regarding her unforgettable paranormal experience at BNHS. Read and be scared— be very scared!  Joke lang, basahin n’yo na lang para maaliw at magimbal din kayo.


My friends via Facebook are going gaga over this mala-Blairwitch type of movie — PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2.  I know that this is a bit late na for Halloween. But heck! Scary movies and stories are an all-year-around staple sa huntahang bayan, pati na din sa inuman ng mga lasenggo!

I asked my friend in the city if this film was already screened there, di ko kasi napanood ‘yong part 1, walang pambayad sa senihan. She said I dunno. May katamaran din akong sumilip sa movie screening sa SM at Ayala, kaya wa paki din ako. Ehek.

When I saw the trailer at youtube, di naman ako natakot. Honestly. I dunno why some of the movie reviews claim that people are visibly shaken so and so. Di ko nga maintindihan eh. Mas nayanig pa nga ako sa Blairwitch movie Part 1, 2012 and sa Cloverfield eh! Mas nakakatakot pa nga ang Cloverfield. Shucks! What if kung mangyari nga yun!? Aruroy!

And in fairness, mas nakakatakot pa yung mga paranormal activity sa tunay na buhay. Ikaw na, anong gagawin mo kung makakita ka ng tikbalang or kapre sa personal? Whatcha gonna do?

Speaking of nakakatakot, maikuwento ko lang ang nangyaring photo shot namin sa harap ng high school classroom namin noon— wayback 1993.  Dati kasi, ‘yong classroom namin has been surrounded by huge caimito trees at the back and bushes, mga buigainvilla at rare sides, ewan ko lang ngayon.  Wala pa ‘yong demountable buildings noon kasi empty tennis court pa lang ang nariyan.  Empty kasi bihira lang kaming makakita ng mga naglalaro ng tennis, siguro, can’t afford ang mga tao in this type of game, pang-mayaman, bongga!  

Well, napagkatuwaan lang ng magbabarkada.  Gusto namin bago kami ga-graduate sa BNHS, makita man lang naming nagsasama-sama kami sa isang pagkakataon.  Nagpasya ang isa sa amin na kunin ang serbisyo ng kodaker ng bayan na si Tatay So, kasi kaharap lang ‘yong bahay nila sa school namin.  Besides, hindi pa uso ang digital cam noon.

Mga ilang shots din ang pinagulong ni Tatay So— pose dito at pose doon. Lahat kami ay aliw na aliw sa pagkakataong iyon.  Basta ang usapan, hati kami sa bayaran.

Nang ibinigay na sa amin yong mga dinivelop na photos, shocking talaga dahil ilan sa mga kuha ng kamerang gala ni Tatay So ay mala-higanting anino na para kamong background na sumusunod-sunod sa amin.  Natatakot kami noon dahil may naririnig kaming usap-usapan na kapre daw ‘yon na nakatira sa likurang bahagi ng school namin at baka kamo nagambala at sa halip na magpahinga ay nakisabay na lang sa aming ginagawang pictorials.

Naitago ko nga ‘yong ilang copy sa amin.  Ipapadala ko dito para marami din ang makakita.  Abangan!

Courtesy of RU

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