Things we’ve learned from high school and people we’ve met gave a significant impact in us. Everybody matters: the teacher who hoists students’ ambitions up to meet their potential, or the one who just ignores whatever they say until they stop saying anything; the guidance counselor who takes misbehaving students into their office to keep them from doing again unpleasant things; the classmate who teaches loyalty; the coach who instills some discipline. Sometimes the lessons inside the classroom are the least of it.

Everyone has a story to tell from high school, sketched out of memory and/or myth. The myth reflects the faith that we all have a chance to invent ourselves, and high school is the lab. We enter for this sweaty, four-year experiment, and if we are brave and lucky, we race out the big double doors that graduation flings open onto the rest of our life. Sometimes we don’t even think to look back at the ones who got lost along the way.

The stakes are so high, the experience so searing that in retrospect we sometimes polish it up. These are the best of times; you’ll remember your prom as long as you live. Intramurals and pep rallies from senior class down the freshmen for school games, the Citizens Army Training (CAT) outdoor every Saturdays and Sundays; the DLBC practice at the church ground, various student clubs that met in some places just to bond together and establish friendships. Even the pain looks poetic from a distance.


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High school years are a great time in one’s life, far better than your elementary years. I’m talking about personal experience here. In high school, you will gain new freedoms, new experiences and also new responsibilities. Many high school students gain a new type of independence and maturity in thinking as well. However, other changes are less fun. To fully enjoy your high school experience, try to address the aspects of your life with which you are not happy. If you are feeling pressure to do something you feel is wrong, talk to a friend, parent, or counselor to find a solution. If you are not succeeding academically, find someone to help you improve. If you feel isolated socially, try to join a school club or group to make new friends. High school may seem rather daunting at first, but with time, you will come to appreciate everything about your experience. High school may be a time of change, but these changes should be for the better.
To all students of Borbon National High School, make the most of your experience all throughout your high school years. Believe me, it is worth to reminisce especially if you choose to savor the good ones.

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Drop, Cover and Hold On!

After experiencing that 7.2 magnitude earthquake, all I can think now is that, “Thanks God I’m Still Alive!”

Remembering those moments, I was browsing the net for some safety tips on how to survive an earthquake. You know, wala gyoy nasayod kong ang kalamidad moabot. Ingon pa sa uban, better ready than sorry!

I’m checking if what I actually did (my action) that very time, ie: running outside the street would be acceptable to the experts. Unfortunately, the expert’s assessment was somehow less satisfactory. One best tip shared though …is to DROP, COVER and HOLD ON! Experts proved this as the best action for personal safety especially during actual earthquake emergencies.

But what if you experience panic attack and eventually lose control over the situation (like what happen to me that I ran like ‘Forest Gump’ and follow other people…bahalag asa dagan). Maybe in cases like makuyawan na jud ka, I think the best thing to do is… KNEEL, PRAY and REPENT! Maayo lang kong makahuna-huna dayon… ang ako lang ug makuyapan hinoon sa kakuyaw!

As no one really knows when disaster strikes, a few precautionary measures can enormously increase our chances of surviving an earthquake – or any other type of hazard. The earthquake safety tips below will not make us an expert. However, they could make a life-saving difference if we find ourselves in an earthquake situation.

Endow in your personal safety by reading some tips below (I’m serious! hehehe):

During the Earthquake:

Situation: INDOORS (eg: sulod sa balay or any type of structure)
If you are indoors, stay there. Quickly move to a safe location in the room such as under a strong desk, a strong table, or along an interior wall. The goal is to protect yourself from falling objects and be located near the structural strong points of the room. Avoid taking cover near windows, large mirrors, hanging objects, heavy furniture, heavy appliances or fireplaces.

Situation: COOKING (eg: nagluto ug sud-an)
If you are cooking, turn off the stove and take cover.

Situation: OUTDOORS (eg: nalaroy-laroy sa gawas)
If you are outdoors, move to an open area where falling objects are unlikely to strike you. Move away from buildings, power lines and trees.

Situation: DRIVING (eg: namasayro ug habal-habal or nag-drive sa imong car…kong naa man gani, joke)

If you are driving, slow down smoothly and stop on the side of the road. Avoid stopping on or under bridges and overpasses, or under power lines, trees and large signs. Stay in your vehicle.

After the Earthquake: Mga Kinahanglang Buhaton inig Human sa Linog

1.Check for injuries, attend to injuries if needed, help ensure the safety of people around you.
2.Check for damage. If your building is badly damaged you should leave it until it has been inspected by a safety professional.
3.If you smell or hear a gas leak, get everyone outside and open windows and doors. If you can do it safely, turn off the gas at the meter. Report the leak to the gas company and fire department. Do not use any electrical appliances because a tiny spark could ignite the gas.
4.If the power is out, unplug major appliances to prevent possible damage when the power is turned back on. If you see sparks, frayed wires, or smell hot insulation turn off electricity at the main fuse box or breaker. If you will have to step in water to turn off the electricity you should call a professional to turn it off for you.

Sa giingon pa ni anhing Ernie Baron, “Kong walang knowledge, walang power!” Pero kong naa na gani ka sa kakuyaw, ambot lang asa lagpot imong kag…

Mohupas jud dayon ang knowledge, kay nilabaw jud ang kulba!

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The devastating earthquake we experienced just recently (15th October 2013) and continued aftershocks is really something to reflect on.

Here’s some of my personal experience during the quake…

I thought at first that it was not real. I just finished my morning ritual and are about to head for work when I noticed our ceiling fan moves erratically. To think that it was not connected to the main switch at that time. It was pretty much different to my normal days as I start hearing commotions at the living room when all of my roommates run towards the exit door at the back. I lost my composure too due to the stir of panic and immediately followed the pack outside. I realized that it was indeed an EARTHQUAKE.

My neighbors too are in state of shock because of the ground shaking for more than 30 seconds and seeing the cable wires dancing, walls creaking, roofs rattling and debris from our neighbor’s old houses falling one by one.

I certainly couldn’t move and there was no sign that it was stopping. The scene outside the street was just total disarray. All I can hear were racketing, weeping and howling from children and oldies. Some knelt down in prayers to ask the Lord to stop the ground from trembling.

One thing I learned though… that in times the earth shakes, one must find refuge to a safer ground.

After several hours, Philvocs recorded a 7.2 magnitude that lasted for thirty-eight seconds. We might think it was just a short period of time to experience that horrible scene but it also took stingy seconds to alter the lives of many Cebuanos and Boholanos forever.

As of this writing, I just couldn’t imagine the devastation brought by the 7.2 quake to Cebu and most especially to Bohol province.

Still grateful though that God spared us and it is but fitting that at the time of desperation for our affected brothers and sisters in Bohol and some areas in Cebu, we should not forget to offer our helping hands, generous hearts and true bayanihan spirit in order for “SUGBOHOL” to rise again.

We pray for all our affected brothers and sisters. Amen.


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Alumni Jokes – Volume 6


Sulod sa Math subject ni Mr. Archie…
Mr. Archie: Okay Pedro, try to solve this problem… “Naay 20 kabuok langgam nagtugdon sa sanga sa kahoy, gipusil nako ang duha, pila nalang kabuok ang nahibilin?”
Pedro: Walay nahibilin sir!
Mr. Archie: (nasuko) Unsa! Hoy Pedro dili ka kabalo mo-kwenta! Gipusil gani nako ang duha?
Pedro: Pastilan jud ka sir oy! Of course molupad jud ang tanan maong wala nay hahibilin ba! Ikaw sir, kong pusilon kaha ang imong tupad, STEADY RA DIAY KA!


Si Mr. Aton nangutana sa iyang estudyante nga si Pedro…
Mr. Aton: Okay Pedro, translate this Tagalog sentence into English.
Pedro: What’s the sentence sir?
Mr. Aton: “Ang uwak ay hinang-hinang palakad-lakad.
Pedro: (nanghambog) Is that all sir? Simple ra mana oy! The WAK-WAK, WEAK-WEAK, WOK-WOK.


Si Pedro nga nahibulong, niduol sa pari para mangutana…
Pedro: Padre, nganong naa may daghang gihayhay likod sa kumbento nga mga duster, panty, bra ug mga senina sa babaye. Naa kay asawa Padre?
Pari: Pastilan baya nimo dong Pedro! Kong maglaom ko sa mga donasyon, dili jud ko mabuhi? Maong nidawat na lang intawon ko ug mga labada karon!


Sulod sa History class ni Mr. Hortel…
Mr. Hortel: Okay class, kinsay nagpatay ni Magellan? Naay initial nga LL?
Pedro: (nagpataas sa kamot) Sir, sir, si Lito Lapid!
Mr. Hortel: Sayop! I’ll give you another clue… gibalik-balik ang pangalan?
Pedro: E, Lito Lito sir!
Mr. Hortel: Sayop gihapon, taas ug buhok?
Pedro: Ah, Lot Lot sir!
Mr. Hortel: Sayop gihapon Pedro…okay, last clue na lang ni…daghan sila?
Mr. Hortel: Haaayyyyy kakapoy baya nimo Pedro!


Santiago goes to Starbucks in Ayala Mall…
Santiago: Waiter, 1 coffee please?
Waiter: Sir, decaf ba?
Santiago: (nasuko) Waiter, tanga ka ba or bogo lang jud! Siyempre de CUP! Kay ngano, naa na ba diay moy kape diha nga naka-plato!


Nagpatudlo si Pedro sa iyang nanay sa subject nga Math, pero kay dili lagi dayon kasabot, nasuko na hinuon iyang nanay…
Nanay: (nasuko) Bogo jud kang bataa ka da! Pagkwenta ra ug numero hangtod 10… dili jud nimo malahos! Kutob ra jud ka sa 8!
Pedro: Nay mas bogo jud si tatay oy, kay kaganina nadunggan nako nga niingon siya sa atong katabang ba, “Sakto na inday, hangtod tulo ra ang kaya nako!”


Ang lapis ug ballpen ni Pedro nagsinungogay…
Ballpen: Kaluoy nimong lapisa ka, niputot maayo pagsige ug tahal nimo ni Pedro! Hahaha, kaluoy sad!
Lapis: Mas luoy pa ka nakong Bolpena ka oy! Tan-awa o, nagtae-tae na imong agi segi’g gamit ni Pedro nimo. Hahahaha!


Naay nanawag sa cellphone ni Gracia, apan UNKNOWN NUMBER ang naka-register…
Unknown: Hi, naa na kay boyfriend?
Gracia: Yeah!
Unknown: Aha, naa na diay kay boyfriend! Papa ni nimo! Mouli ko karon diha para istoryahan nato kung kanus-a ni nagsugod imong pag igat-igat!
Gracia: Patay!

Next 5 minutes, another UNKNOWN NUMBER called…
Unknown: Hello, do you have a boyfriend?
Gracia: No!
Unkown: I see, so you don’t love me anymore. Ang imo ning BOYFRIEND oy!
Gracia: Oh sweetheart I’m sorry. Love jud kaayo teka oy! I thought it was my STUPID FATHER again!
Unknown: Unsa! Stupid na ang tawag nimo nako karon! Ang imo gihapon ning papa sa linya. Gisuwayan ra teka kong naa na jud kay boyfriend! Paabot kay MAKATILAW JUD KA SA LATOS inig uli nako diha!


Si Santiago giistoryahan sa iyang tatay…
Tatay: Hoy Santiago, ayaw pagbinayot ha!
Santiago: Wala tay oy! Moadto man gani ko sa basketbolan ron!
Tatay: Kana gyud! ASTIG!
Santiago: (nanawag sa iyang nanay) Nay? Kita ka sa akong POMPOMS?
Nanay: Asa ato ‘nak? Katong PINK?


Si Pedro sulod sa mental hospital nagkanta-kanta kini nga naghigda sa iyang katre. Pagkahuman sa usa ka kanta nitalikod kini ug gipangutana sa nurse…
Nurse: Pedro, nganong nitakilod man ka?
Si Pedro nitubag…
Pedro: Addict ka nurse! Side B na baya!


Si Gracia nga gi hold-up ni Pedro, nilingkog sa witness stand para i-cross examine sa attorney.
Attorney: I-describe karon diri sa korte ang tawo nga nang hold-up nimo!
Gracia: Itom siya, upawon, bugason, busngi-on, pangag, mobu ug ilong, bati ug nawong…
Suspek/ Pedro: (nasuko ug nisyagit kini sulod sa korte) Segi panamas-tamas jud ug maayo day! Perfect na perfect jud kaayo imong pagkataw da! Ganda mo teh! Gidawat naman unta nako nga masilotan ko sa akong pagpanghold-up nimo! Bisa’g gusto ka nga himoun nakong MURDER ang akong kaso ron!


Ang mga classmates nila ni Pedro ug Santiago nagtabi ug nagpahambugay sulod sa classroom…
Noel: Bay, kong maminyo na gani ko ug naay anak nga laki, ang akong ipangalan kay LEON! Binali ra gud sa akong pangalan nga Noel!
Nino: Ako sad bay, ang ipangalan nako sa akong anak nga lalaki kay ONIN. Binali sa Nino sad ba!
Toto: Mga bay, ayaw nalang ko ninyo iapil-apil sa inyong gitabian ha!

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Alumni Jokes – Volume 5

Joke Time 001


Usa ka adlaw sa klase ni Mrs. Valero…
Mrs. Valero: Class, mao ni results sa inyong exam gahapon… Nakakuha si Pedro ug 99%!
Pedro: (pwerting panghambog sa tanan niyang classmates) O, unsa na! Kaya na ninyo! Wala pa ko mag-review anang dagana! Ayaw na lang gud mo pagtuon! Bisa’g unsaon Low IQ lagi gihapon mo! Itlog ra permi inyong makuha! Gisayangan lang jud ninyo ang pagpa-eskwela sa inyong mga ginikanan!
Mrs: Valero: And the rest… got 100%!


Si Santiago ni-adto sa ospital para magpakonsulta…
Doktor: Kinsay una nimong gikonsulta sa imong sakit?
Santiago: Albularyo dok!
Doktor: Unya unsa may binuang nga tambag gihatag sa albularyo nimo?
Santigao: Dapat daw moari ko nimo dok!


Si Pedro ug Santiago nagtabi…
Pedro: Bay, unsay imong buhaton kong mahibaw-an nimo nga naa diay kay anak sa GAWAS?
Santiago: Simple lang bay, e di, paarion nako sa SULOD!


Si Pedro nga naglakaw sa dalan sa New York kalit lang nakabangga ug kano…
Pedro: Ay sori!
Kano: Sorry TOO.
Pedro: Sori 3!
Kano: What are you sorry FOR?
Pedro: Sori 5!
Kano: (naglagot na jud) You’re SICK!
Pedro: Sori 7!


Gikuyog ni Gracia iyang anak nga nangumpra sa Carbon…
Gracia: …’nak ayaw’g buhi sa akong sayal ha, para di ka mawagtang!
Pagkahuman sa usa ka oras…
Gracia: (naguol nga nangutana sa usa ka gwardiya) Dong, nakakita ka ug bata nga nilabay diri?
Sekyu: Unsay histura nang?
Gracia: Naay bitbit nga sayal dong!


Si Santiago nangutana..
Santiago: Bay Pedro, nganong naa man kay higot sa tiil?
Pedro: Maghikog ko bay!
Santiago: Unya nganong sa tiil man ka naghigot?
Pedro: Gisuwayan man nako ganina sa liog bay pero dili man ko kaginhawa!


Nakakita si Gracia ug usa ka magical bottle ug iya kining giablihan. Unya kalit lang nigawas ang usa ka genie…
GENIE: You only have 1 WISH!
Gracia: Gusto kong mogwapa! Mogwapa na ba ko?
GENIE: Dili! Mobalik na lang ko’g sulod sa botilya!


Ang nanay ni Pedro naay gipangayo…
Nanay: Pedro, taga-i ra gud ko ug BOMB PEPPER (bond paper) nak?
Pedro: Nay, hurot na…NILOPAG (yellow pad) na lang!


Sulod sa klase ni Mr. Luis…
Mr. Luis: Bring out ¼ sheet of pad paper!
Students: “Oy, tagai ko ug papel bi!”


Ang magtiayong Gracia ug Pedro nanuroy sa siyudad…
Gracia: Sweetheart, dapat ang katangahan ibilin sa balay!
Pedro: Korek ka dyan sweetheart! Mao bitaw permi tekang ibilin sa balay! Nganong kuyog-kuyog man gud ka!


Sa klase ni Mrs. Elma…
Mrs. Elma: Pedro, give me a color that starts with M, except Maroon!
Pedro: Hmm Ma’am… Maitim! Madilaw! Mukhang berde! Medyo asul!

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The School Called Life


Here’s another story from one of our alumni. She shared with us her work experience and the learning she has acquired along the way. Read and enjoy!


I once read this beautiful phrase from a poet named Oscar Wilde, when he wrote and I quote, “Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.” SO TRUE, I say.

LIFE LESSONS: “My arrogance was an utter sign of ignorance”

Years ago, in all of my 15 years in school, I too, had earned my fair share of academic awards in school. I was a consistent honor student since my first grade, made it to the top ten of the graduating class in BNHS and had been able to maintain excellent grades during college days. I even graduated with flying colors.

After graduation, I appeared on my very first interview at Ayala Mall more than just anxious and a bit frantic. I was 4th on the queue of more than 20 candidates. I emerged flustered during the interview but I nailed it down. For one, the interviewer told me to wait as I will be accepted for a counter sales position. In other word, ‘tindera’! Hah! Could anything be more insulting? My pride bled as I was applying and expecting a management trainee position.

But because life in our country is not that easy, I accepted the offer, though whining a bit on the side. Years later, however, I’ve realized how silly I have been. Not because I accepted the job as a ‘tindera’, but because my arrogance was an utter sign of ignorance. I started my very first job rock bottom and little did I know that it has given me tremendous learning in the process. The more experienced I have become, the more I have realized how little I really knew back then, despite all those years of excellent academic performance at school.

And as the years pass by, I have reached the management position bringing with me the slugs and shells from work; also realizing that I have eventually ascertain the work alphabet— down to the lowest echelon in the company. What’s better is that I have come to realize that the best lessons in life are the ones we learn and discover along the way, as we encounter other human beings at work and on certain level of our life. I have actually learned more things through actual experiences which I will not learn in any institution or the academic kind, but only in the school called ‘life’.

For me, it really is not the subjects in high school or the difficult subjects in college like anatomy, chemistry, rhetoric, physics or creative writing that fulfills our natural need for wisdom. It is both these simple and profound lessons we learn ourselves, the ones that bring us self-realization, facilitates our bonds with other people and moves us towards fulfillment that make us the whole package.

SO TRUE!!! As an expression in a local TV series.

SO TRUE… is what the rumormonger ‘Friends of Dona Tomasa’ (or FDT) used to say. “FDT or Friends of Dona Tomas is a group of elderly women in the famous ABS-CBN teleserye ‘My Little Juan’. These women professed to have served the church in the town of San Juan Bautista; but in reality are also fond of spreading gossips and scandals within the community. This group of women is an avid follower of Dona Tomasa, a rich widow. SO TRUE is an expression they always say in unison to buoy up and concur on Dona Tomasa’s malicious plans”.

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Alumni Jokes – Volume 4

Joke Time

Si Sir Genes naay gipabuhat nga assignment sa klase…
Sir Genes: Okay class, draw any animal and explain why it is important to you!
Class: Yes sir!
Pagkahuman sa 15 minutos…
Sir Genes: Okay class, submit your artwork now!
(Paghatag sa drawing ni Pedro, nahibulong si Sir Genes…)
Sir Genes: O Pedro, unsa man ni imong drawing?
Pedro: Isda na sir! Isdang binuwad!
Sir Genes: Nganong itom man kaayo ni, dili naman maklaro!
Pedro: Napaig na sir, sinugba man gud!
Sir Genes: Ok! Now tell me nganong importante man sa imoha ning imong drawing?
Pedro: Mao man gud na permi namong sud-an sir!


Si Santiago ug Gracia naglalis…
Gracia: Dili nako ganahan nimo, magbuwag na ta! Segi lang ka ug pangwenta!
Santiago: Dili na tinuod Gracia! Bisan ug pito ka-higayon tekang gilibre ug kaon, kawalo gitagaan ug mahalong regalo, apil pa gani imong nanay ug tatay, wala jud ka kadungog nga nangwenta ko nimo!


Tungod kay bertday lagi ni Pedro, nihangyo kini sa iyang nanay…
Pedro: Nay, gusto ta nako sa akong adlaw natawhan karon ba, ma-touch ug makahilak ta ko sa message nimo?
Nanay: Okay! ‘nak SINAGOP ra man ka namo! Okay na ba akong message?


Si Pedro ug Santiago nahasuroy sa USA ug napadpad didto sa Statue of Liberty. Kauban nila ang ubang tawo nga taga-laing nasud nga nahingangha sa kanindot sa talan-awon…
Italyano: (nakaingon) Magnifico!
British: Brilliant!
Russian: бриллиант No.1
Japanese: AKANE (茜)!
Arab: Zain! قاموسGood!
Pedro ug Santiago: Picture! Picture! Pang Facebook!

Kay lagi umaabot na ang anniversary sa magtiayong Gracia ug Pedro…
Gracia: Honey, unsa may plano nimo sa atong 10th Wedding Anniversary?
Pedro: Dad-on teka sa Hongkong honey!
Gracia: Wow, ka sweet gud nimo! Unya sa atong 25th Wedding Anniversary honey?
Pedro: Sunduon na teka didto!


Si Santiago nag-celebrate sa iyang bertday kauban iyang mama…
Mama: O ‘nak bertday na nimo, i-blow na dayon ni imong candle o!
Santiago: Segi nay!
Mama: O, unsa may wish nimo ‘nak?
Santiago: …unta naa nay cake sunod tuig!


Si Ma’am Annie nangutana sa klase…
Ma’am Annie: Okay class, our lesson for today is Science. What is science?
Pedro: (nipataas dayon sa kamot) Mam! Mam!
Ma’am Annie: Yes Pedro!
Pedro: Science is our lesson for today!


Si Santiago nangutang sa tindahan nilang Pedro.
Santiago: Bay, pautanga ko’g 7 kilong bugas, 4 ka sardinas ug apili unya ug 2 ka kaha nga Marlboro…bayaran nako inig abot ni misis gikan sa Dubai!
Pedro: Segi bay! Kanus-a man moabot si Mare bay?
Santiago: Nangaplay pa lang bay!


Si Pedro ug Santiago nagtabi…
Pedro: Bay, kada gabii nalang jud ko kabliton ni misis!
Santiago: O, unsa may problema ana!
Pedro: E, tulo naman gud katuig siyang patay!


Si Gracia niuli nga naghilak ug gipangutana kini sa iyang tatay…
Tatay: O Gracia, nganong naghilak man ka?
Gracia: Nakapasar man gud ko sa test tay!
Tatay: Di ba dapat malipay ka! Unsa nga subject mana ba?


Si Gracia nga katabang nila ni Juan nitubag sa telepono..
Tawo: Inday, si sir ni nimo, nabangga akong gisakyan, naa ko sa ospital karon, kinahahanglan ko ug cash!
Gracia: Wee, nangilad ka no?
Tawo: Inday, si sir lagi ni nimo! Nganong dili man ka motuo!
Gracia: Wee, si sir ang tawag niya nako kay CUPCAKE man bi!


Si Gracia gisugo sa iyang amo nga babaye pagtubag sa telepono…
Telepono: Krrrrringgg! Krrrringgg!
Amo: Gracia, tubaga ang telepono bisan ug chicks na sad na sa imong sir ang nitawag!
Gracia: Si Ma’am jud o, paseloson gyud ko!


Si Gracia ug Santiago nagtabi sa ilang anak…
Gracia: Sweetheart, gwapo kaayo atong baby o, gikuha jud tanan ka-gwapo nimo!
Santiago: Unsang pagkahitaboa nga dili man ko gwapo sweetheart?
Gracia: Mao gani wala nay nahibilin sa imong ka-gwapo kay napadulong tanan sa imong anak!


Si Pedro nga nagtrabaho sa Qatar ni long-distance call sa iyang asawa nga si Gracia…
Pedro: Kumusta na atong grocery diha?
Gracia: Hypermarket na!
Pedro: Kanindot gud! Unya ang atong kan-anan diha?
Gracia: Resto ug Internet Cafe na!
Pedro: Wow, kuyawa na gud! Unya ang atong 2 ka anak?
Gracia: 4 na sila!
Pedro: Wow!


Si Santiago gipangutana ni Pedro…
Pedro: Bay, tinuod ba nga gipanguyaban nimo si Gracia?
Santiago: O bay! Ngano man diay?
Pedro: Undanga na imong pagpanguyab niya bay kay dili mo bagay!
Santiago: (nasuko) Kinsa may bagay ni Gracia, ikaw?
Pedro: Dili, kita maoy bagay bay!


Si Pedro niduol kang Gracia ug nangutana…
Pedro: Tinuod ba nga maayo kuno ka mobasa sa ubang tawo? Basaha kuno ko bi?
Gracia: Wala pa kay GF Pedro no?
Pedro: Wow, maayoha gud nimo Gracia! Giunsa nimo pagbasa?
Gracia: Kabati kaha nimo ug nawong! Obvious kaayo!


Si Gracia ug Pedro nagpuyo sa 24th Floor nga Condo Unit. Sa dihang nitawag si Gracia sa receptionist sa building…
Gracia: Hello Ms., please send MAINTENANCE! Ang akong mister moambak sa building! Pagdali!
Receptionist: Ma’am, nganong maintenance man?
Gracia: Dili man gud maabli ang bintana!

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BNHS Administration – Principal & Faculty Members

Know The Current Administration of Borbon National High School
As of 26th August 2013 Posting Date

BNHS Faculty

Current Principal:

Mr. Genes M. Taneo
(replacement of Mrs. Lorna T. Ibo, retired principal)

Active Faculty Members (In no particular order)

Mrs. Christine B.Ibo
Mrs. Elma S. Garcia
Miss Honeybee Labajo
Mr. Emmanuel Mundo
Mrs. Nanette E. De Roda
Miss Mylen Mondigo
Miss Cris Mae Melgo
Miss Erl Daves Rose Garcia
Mrs. Annie R. Origenes
Mrs. Flora Casia
Mrs. Brenda L. Melgo
Mr. Joseph Brigoli
Miss Renelyn F. Regis
Mrs. Letecia D. Bentulan
Mrs. Donna Marie R. Brigoli
Mr. Luisito Dela Rama
Mr. Jimmy B. Aton
Mr. Arsenio M. Pacaldo
Mrs. Carmen A. Barita
Mrs. Juana M. Monte
Mrs. Millarisa A. Valero (she will retire on Aug. 30, 2013)

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Talk To Us

Bringing you various topics ‘out and about’ our alumni community and as shared with us by some budding alumni writers.

We welcome every alumna/ alumnus who wants to contribute articles that will interest our alumni community and fit our editorial lineup.

We give promising alumni who have a knack for good pictures the opportunity to share their awesome images with a bigger audience right here in our alumni community.

We have friends and experts who can answer your questions and will give advice on matters related to personality development, health and wellness, relationships or simply enjoying life?

We will also listen to anything you have to say. Suggestions, feedbacks, opinions, etc.

Shoot us an

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