The devastating earthquake we experienced just recently (15th October 2013) and continued aftershocks is really something to reflect on.

Here’s some of my personal experience during the quake…

I thought at first that it was not real. I just finished my morning ritual and are about to head for work when I noticed our ceiling fan moves erratically. To think that it was not connected to the main switch at that time. It was pretty much different to my normal days as I start hearing commotions at the living room when all of my roommates run towards the exit door at the back. I lost my composure too due to the stir of panic and immediately followed the pack outside. I realized that it was indeed an EARTHQUAKE.

My neighbors too are in state of shock because of the ground shaking for more than 30 seconds and seeing the cable wires dancing, walls creaking, roofs rattling and debris from our neighbor’s old houses falling one by one.

I certainly couldn’t move and there was no sign that it was stopping. The scene outside the street was just total disarray. All I can hear were racketing, weeping and howling from children and oldies. Some knelt down in prayers to ask the Lord to stop the ground from trembling.

One thing I learned though… that in times the earth shakes, one must find refuge to a safer ground.

After several hours, Philvocs recorded a 7.2 magnitude that lasted for thirty-eight seconds. We might think it was just a short period of time to experience that horrible scene but it also took stingy seconds to alter the lives of many Cebuanos and Boholanos forever.

As of this writing, I just couldn’t imagine the devastation brought by the 7.2 quake to Cebu and most especially to Bohol province.

Still grateful though that God spared us and it is but fitting that at the time of desperation for our affected brothers and sisters in Bohol and some areas in Cebu, we should not forget to offer our helping hands, generous hearts and true bayanihan spirit in order for “SUGBOHOL” to rise again.

We pray for all our affected brothers and sisters. Amen.


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