Drop, Cover and Hold On!

After experiencing that 7.2 magnitude earthquake, all I can think now is that, “Thanks God I’m Still Alive!”

Remembering those moments, I was browsing the net for some safety tips on how to survive an earthquake. You know, wala gyoy nasayod kong ang kalamidad moabot. Ingon pa sa uban, better ready than sorry!

I’m checking if what I actually did (my action) that very time, ie: running outside the street would be acceptable to the experts. Unfortunately, the expert’s assessment was somehow less satisfactory. One best tip shared though …is to DROP, COVER and HOLD ON! Experts proved this as the best action for personal safety especially during actual earthquake emergencies.

But what if you experience panic attack and eventually lose control over the situation (like what happen to me that I ran like ‘Forest Gump’ and follow other people…bahalag asa dagan). Maybe in cases like makuyawan na jud ka, I think the best thing to do is… KNEEL, PRAY and REPENT! Maayo lang kong makahuna-huna dayon… ang ako lang ug makuyapan hinoon sa kakuyaw!

As no one really knows when disaster strikes, a few precautionary measures can enormously increase our chances of surviving an earthquake – or any other type of hazard. The earthquake safety tips below will not make us an expert. However, they could make a life-saving difference if we find ourselves in an earthquake situation.

Endow in your personal safety by reading some tips below (I’m serious! hehehe):

During the Earthquake:

Situation: INDOORS (eg: sulod sa balay or any type of structure)
If you are indoors, stay there. Quickly move to a safe location in the room such as under a strong desk, a strong table, or along an interior wall. The goal is to protect yourself from falling objects and be located near the structural strong points of the room. Avoid taking cover near windows, large mirrors, hanging objects, heavy furniture, heavy appliances or fireplaces.

Situation: COOKING (eg: nagluto ug sud-an)
If you are cooking, turn off the stove and take cover.

Situation: OUTDOORS (eg: nalaroy-laroy sa gawas)
If you are outdoors, move to an open area where falling objects are unlikely to strike you. Move away from buildings, power lines and trees.

Situation: DRIVING (eg: namasayro ug habal-habal or nag-drive sa imong car…kong naa man gani, joke)

If you are driving, slow down smoothly and stop on the side of the road. Avoid stopping on or under bridges and overpasses, or under power lines, trees and large signs. Stay in your vehicle.

After the Earthquake: Mga Kinahanglang Buhaton inig Human sa Linog

1.Check for injuries, attend to injuries if needed, help ensure the safety of people around you.
2.Check for damage. If your building is badly damaged you should leave it until it has been inspected by a safety professional.
3.If you smell or hear a gas leak, get everyone outside and open windows and doors. If you can do it safely, turn off the gas at the meter. Report the leak to the gas company and fire department. Do not use any electrical appliances because a tiny spark could ignite the gas.
4.If the power is out, unplug major appliances to prevent possible damage when the power is turned back on. If you see sparks, frayed wires, or smell hot insulation turn off electricity at the main fuse box or breaker. If you will have to step in water to turn off the electricity you should call a professional to turn it off for you.

Sa giingon pa ni anhing Ernie Baron, “Kong walang knowledge, walang power!” Pero kong naa na gani ka sa kakuyaw, ambot lang asa lagpot imong kag…

Mohupas jud dayon ang knowledge, kay nilabaw jud ang kulba!


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