Remembering the Past Local Leaders of Borbon

History 101- Local Leaders

According to the record of our municipal government, Borbon was established as a small settlement or a town in the northern part of the province of Cebu in 1692.

During the Spanish Regime, the following locals served as Capitanes of Borbon.

(Capitanes is also known as local leaders during the Spanish regime. Other known names for local leaders are Tenientes and Cabeza de Barangay)

1)Cipriano Destura
2)Placido Dosdos
3)Pablo Montegrande
4)Agustin Mandonedo
5)Crispin Dosdos
6)Eugenio Sepulveda

Under the American Regime, the following locals became El Presidentes or Municipal Presidents of Borbon:

(El Presidente or Municipal President is also known as local leader during the American occupation)

1)Pedro Mangubat
2)Joaquin Herrera
3)Santiago Mangubat
4)Monteno Mangubat
5)Hilario Buhay
6)Lazaro Mandonedo

The first municipal mayor who served the municipal office after the war was Celestino Mondigo.

Reference: Municipality of Borbon Website


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