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Drop, Cover and Hold On!

After experiencing that 7.2 magnitude earthquake, all I can think now is that, “Thanks God I’m Still Alive!”

Remembering those moments, I was browsing the net for some safety tips on how to survive an earthquake. You know, wala gyoy nasayod kong ang kalamidad moabot. Ingon pa sa uban, better ready than sorry!

I’m checking if what I actually did (my action) that very time, ie: running outside the street would be acceptable to the experts. Unfortunately, the expert’s assessment was somehow less satisfactory. One best tip shared though …is to DROP, COVER and HOLD ON! Experts proved this as the best action for personal safety especially during actual earthquake emergencies.

But what if you experience panic attack and eventually lose control over the situation (like what happen to me that I ran like ‘Forest Gump’ and follow other people…bahalag asa dagan). Maybe in cases like makuyawan na jud ka, I think the best thing to do is… KNEEL, PRAY and REPENT! Maayo lang kong makahuna-huna dayon… ang ako lang ug makuyapan hinoon sa kakuyaw!

As no one really knows when disaster strikes, a few precautionary measures can enormously increase our chances of surviving an earthquake – or any other type of hazard. The earthquake safety tips below will not make us an expert. However, they could make a life-saving difference if we find ourselves in an earthquake situation.

Endow in your personal safety by reading some tips below (I’m serious! hehehe):

During the Earthquake:

Situation: INDOORS (eg: sulod sa balay or any type of structure)
If you are indoors, stay there. Quickly move to a safe location in the room such as under a strong desk, a strong table, or along an interior wall. The goal is to protect yourself from falling objects and be located near the structural strong points of the room. Avoid taking cover near windows, large mirrors, hanging objects, heavy furniture, heavy appliances or fireplaces.

Situation: COOKING (eg: nagluto ug sud-an)
If you are cooking, turn off the stove and take cover.

Situation: OUTDOORS (eg: nalaroy-laroy sa gawas)
If you are outdoors, move to an open area where falling objects are unlikely to strike you. Move away from buildings, power lines and trees.

Situation: DRIVING (eg: namasayro ug habal-habal or nag-drive sa imong car…kong naa man gani, joke)

If you are driving, slow down smoothly and stop on the side of the road. Avoid stopping on or under bridges and overpasses, or under power lines, trees and large signs. Stay in your vehicle.

After the Earthquake: Mga Kinahanglang Buhaton inig Human sa Linog

1.Check for injuries, attend to injuries if needed, help ensure the safety of people around you.
2.Check for damage. If your building is badly damaged you should leave it until it has been inspected by a safety professional.
3.If you smell or hear a gas leak, get everyone outside and open windows and doors. If you can do it safely, turn off the gas at the meter. Report the leak to the gas company and fire department. Do not use any electrical appliances because a tiny spark could ignite the gas.
4.If the power is out, unplug major appliances to prevent possible damage when the power is turned back on. If you see sparks, frayed wires, or smell hot insulation turn off electricity at the main fuse box or breaker. If you will have to step in water to turn off the electricity you should call a professional to turn it off for you.

Sa giingon pa ni anhing Ernie Baron, “Kong walang knowledge, walang power!” Pero kong naa na gani ka sa kakuyaw, ambot lang asa lagpot imong kag…

Mohupas jud dayon ang knowledge, kay nilabaw jud ang kulba!

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The devastating earthquake we experienced just recently (15th October 2013) and continued aftershocks is really something to reflect on.

Here’s some of my personal experience during the quake…

I thought at first that it was not real. I just finished my morning ritual and are about to head for work when I noticed our ceiling fan moves erratically. To think that it was not connected to the main switch at that time. It was pretty much different to my normal days as I start hearing commotions at the living room when all of my roommates run towards the exit door at the back. I lost my composure too due to the stir of panic and immediately followed the pack outside. I realized that it was indeed an EARTHQUAKE.

My neighbors too are in state of shock because of the ground shaking for more than 30 seconds and seeing the cable wires dancing, walls creaking, roofs rattling and debris from our neighbor’s old houses falling one by one.

I certainly couldn’t move and there was no sign that it was stopping. The scene outside the street was just total disarray. All I can hear were racketing, weeping and howling from children and oldies. Some knelt down in prayers to ask the Lord to stop the ground from trembling.

One thing I learned though… that in times the earth shakes, one must find refuge to a safer ground.

After several hours, Philvocs recorded a 7.2 magnitude that lasted for thirty-eight seconds. We might think it was just a short period of time to experience that horrible scene but it also took stingy seconds to alter the lives of many Cebuanos and Boholanos forever.

As of this writing, I just couldn’t imagine the devastation brought by the 7.2 quake to Cebu and most especially to Bohol province.

Still grateful though that God spared us and it is but fitting that at the time of desperation for our affected brothers and sisters in Bohol and some areas in Cebu, we should not forget to offer our helping hands, generous hearts and true bayanihan spirit in order for “SUGBOHOL” to rise again.

We pray for all our affected brothers and sisters. Amen.


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Alumni Jokes – Volume 4

Joke Time

Si Sir Genes naay gipabuhat nga assignment sa klase…
Sir Genes: Okay class, draw any animal and explain why it is important to you!
Class: Yes sir!
Pagkahuman sa 15 minutos…
Sir Genes: Okay class, submit your artwork now!
(Paghatag sa drawing ni Pedro, nahibulong si Sir Genes…)
Sir Genes: O Pedro, unsa man ni imong drawing?
Pedro: Isda na sir! Isdang binuwad!
Sir Genes: Nganong itom man kaayo ni, dili naman maklaro!
Pedro: Napaig na sir, sinugba man gud!
Sir Genes: Ok! Now tell me nganong importante man sa imoha ning imong drawing?
Pedro: Mao man gud na permi namong sud-an sir!


Si Santiago ug Gracia naglalis…
Gracia: Dili nako ganahan nimo, magbuwag na ta! Segi lang ka ug pangwenta!
Santiago: Dili na tinuod Gracia! Bisan ug pito ka-higayon tekang gilibre ug kaon, kawalo gitagaan ug mahalong regalo, apil pa gani imong nanay ug tatay, wala jud ka kadungog nga nangwenta ko nimo!


Tungod kay bertday lagi ni Pedro, nihangyo kini sa iyang nanay…
Pedro: Nay, gusto ta nako sa akong adlaw natawhan karon ba, ma-touch ug makahilak ta ko sa message nimo?
Nanay: Okay! ‘nak SINAGOP ra man ka namo! Okay na ba akong message?


Si Pedro ug Santiago nahasuroy sa USA ug napadpad didto sa Statue of Liberty. Kauban nila ang ubang tawo nga taga-laing nasud nga nahingangha sa kanindot sa talan-awon…
Italyano: (nakaingon) Magnifico!
British: Brilliant!
Russian: бриллиант No.1
Japanese: AKANE (茜)!
Arab: Zain! قاموسGood!
Pedro ug Santiago: Picture! Picture! Pang Facebook!

Kay lagi umaabot na ang anniversary sa magtiayong Gracia ug Pedro…
Gracia: Honey, unsa may plano nimo sa atong 10th Wedding Anniversary?
Pedro: Dad-on teka sa Hongkong honey!
Gracia: Wow, ka sweet gud nimo! Unya sa atong 25th Wedding Anniversary honey?
Pedro: Sunduon na teka didto!


Si Santiago nag-celebrate sa iyang bertday kauban iyang mama…
Mama: O ‘nak bertday na nimo, i-blow na dayon ni imong candle o!
Santiago: Segi nay!
Mama: O, unsa may wish nimo ‘nak?
Santiago: …unta naa nay cake sunod tuig!


Si Ma’am Annie nangutana sa klase…
Ma’am Annie: Okay class, our lesson for today is Science. What is science?
Pedro: (nipataas dayon sa kamot) Mam! Mam!
Ma’am Annie: Yes Pedro!
Pedro: Science is our lesson for today!


Si Santiago nangutang sa tindahan nilang Pedro.
Santiago: Bay, pautanga ko’g 7 kilong bugas, 4 ka sardinas ug apili unya ug 2 ka kaha nga Marlboro…bayaran nako inig abot ni misis gikan sa Dubai!
Pedro: Segi bay! Kanus-a man moabot si Mare bay?
Santiago: Nangaplay pa lang bay!


Si Pedro ug Santiago nagtabi…
Pedro: Bay, kada gabii nalang jud ko kabliton ni misis!
Santiago: O, unsa may problema ana!
Pedro: E, tulo naman gud katuig siyang patay!


Si Gracia niuli nga naghilak ug gipangutana kini sa iyang tatay…
Tatay: O Gracia, nganong naghilak man ka?
Gracia: Nakapasar man gud ko sa test tay!
Tatay: Di ba dapat malipay ka! Unsa nga subject mana ba?


Si Gracia nga katabang nila ni Juan nitubag sa telepono..
Tawo: Inday, si sir ni nimo, nabangga akong gisakyan, naa ko sa ospital karon, kinahahanglan ko ug cash!
Gracia: Wee, nangilad ka no?
Tawo: Inday, si sir lagi ni nimo! Nganong dili man ka motuo!
Gracia: Wee, si sir ang tawag niya nako kay CUPCAKE man bi!


Si Gracia gisugo sa iyang amo nga babaye pagtubag sa telepono…
Telepono: Krrrrringgg! Krrrringgg!
Amo: Gracia, tubaga ang telepono bisan ug chicks na sad na sa imong sir ang nitawag!
Gracia: Si Ma’am jud o, paseloson gyud ko!


Si Gracia ug Santiago nagtabi sa ilang anak…
Gracia: Sweetheart, gwapo kaayo atong baby o, gikuha jud tanan ka-gwapo nimo!
Santiago: Unsang pagkahitaboa nga dili man ko gwapo sweetheart?
Gracia: Mao gani wala nay nahibilin sa imong ka-gwapo kay napadulong tanan sa imong anak!


Si Pedro nga nagtrabaho sa Qatar ni long-distance call sa iyang asawa nga si Gracia…
Pedro: Kumusta na atong grocery diha?
Gracia: Hypermarket na!
Pedro: Kanindot gud! Unya ang atong kan-anan diha?
Gracia: Resto ug Internet Cafe na!
Pedro: Wow, kuyawa na gud! Unya ang atong 2 ka anak?
Gracia: 4 na sila!
Pedro: Wow!


Si Santiago gipangutana ni Pedro…
Pedro: Bay, tinuod ba nga gipanguyaban nimo si Gracia?
Santiago: O bay! Ngano man diay?
Pedro: Undanga na imong pagpanguyab niya bay kay dili mo bagay!
Santiago: (nasuko) Kinsa may bagay ni Gracia, ikaw?
Pedro: Dili, kita maoy bagay bay!


Si Pedro niduol kang Gracia ug nangutana…
Pedro: Tinuod ba nga maayo kuno ka mobasa sa ubang tawo? Basaha kuno ko bi?
Gracia: Wala pa kay GF Pedro no?
Pedro: Wow, maayoha gud nimo Gracia! Giunsa nimo pagbasa?
Gracia: Kabati kaha nimo ug nawong! Obvious kaayo!


Si Gracia ug Pedro nagpuyo sa 24th Floor nga Condo Unit. Sa dihang nitawag si Gracia sa receptionist sa building…
Gracia: Hello Ms., please send MAINTENANCE! Ang akong mister moambak sa building! Pagdali!
Receptionist: Ma’am, nganong maintenance man?
Gracia: Dili man gud maabli ang bintana!

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Dude Shut Up!

I will start this entry with a big HAHAHA. Until now I couldn’t stop laughing because of the blog sent to us by one alumna. If you want to have a good laugh too, read this one.

Messing With Englisheros

Every time I hear English-speaking dudes in any social intercourse, it’s already my habit to snoop around and try to pay attention on how well they speak in English. I am not trying to eavesdrop or so, but it’s my habit (actually) to see and learn how they deliver or articulate every word coming from their lips. You would really admire how good they are, except for some. I’ve got tons of friends who work in a call center and, believe me, you would not dare messing them in English discourse. Sure nga mag-nosebleed jud ka kong moapil ka nila.

Last Saturday morning, I made a quick stop at SM City Cebu to buy some groceries (read as Quick Chow & Lucky Me noodles) before going home (Borbon) for a weekend. I saw this dude approaching to a security guard at the main entrance and tried to leave his bag as he wanted to go to a posh boutique (forgot the name but maybe for window shopping only). The poor guard advised the “dude” to go to the package counter in the grocery section as their protocol strictly prohibits them from taking customers’ bags. The guy insisted but the guard stood to his word. The dude (felt embarrased, as there were people looking including me) suddenly fire up an all-English word lashing.

Dude 1: (showing his bank ID) “How dare you say NO to the very customer who pays your salary? Don’t you know that you are bound to a mere psychological contract and that we have unwritten privileges as customers? Think about that!” Then the dude walked away with his bag.

The poor guard just blinked a couple of times without saying anything to the dude. What I understand is that the dude wants the guard to bear in mind, not to mess with an English speaker like him. Also the dude tried to expunge from embarrassment (as the guard was right) and portrayed to be intellectually capable instead— less the breeding.

After completing my purpose at the grocery section, I immediately took a PUJ ride to NBT (read as North Bus Terminal).

While catching my ride at the loading area, I was unfortunately trapped with a group of boisterous English-speaking youngsters. Here we go again! What a day, I uttered to myself. From their looks and faces, they looked like tourists to me (not forenjers ha, but BISDAK japon). It seemed that the group was celebrating and will be visiting a resort maybe somewhere in Tabogon. Like I care, hehehe. The group was so loud that I would really want to shut their pie holes (read as mouth), excuse my word. As we move from NBT and traversing the north road, the group really never stopped speaking in English. One dude next to me was so busy talking with the others from behind and delivering his punchlines in broken English. To my right, an old lady sitting on the next row, also rolling her eyes in defiance…with a word Ahak!

Dude 1: Where are we heading guys?
Me: (Nganong nikuyog pa man ni siya oy, Duh!)

Dude 2: It’s a resort dude, there’s plenty of adventure over there. Bet, it’s gonna be fun!
Me: (Unsa kaha nga adventure iyang giingon, ligo ra man ug dagat, double Duh!)

Dude 3: Are we there yet?
Me: (Ahak baya oy, kita bitaw na siyang gadagan pa ang sakyanan, Catmon pa kaha mi, Triple Duh!)

Dude 4: But we’re still in Catmon dude. It’s gonna be a long stretch before we reach Sogod. Wait till we reach Damolog and we will be there in no time.
Me: (Duh, duh, duh…like we don’t know…naguba na jud ang nawng ni manang sa akong kilid ay)

I really have no idea but maybe they use English at home or in their line of works. Mga call boys ma siguro ni sila oy. Call boys as in call center agents. I have nothing against call center people as I have friends of the same profession. Ang diperensya lang, my friends have right dispositions for they know when and where to speak in English kay mauwaw sad baya sila.

I know, I don’t speak and write good English. Everyone can comment me on that, it’s fine with me. You can probably find grammatical errors in this post too. But speaking in English not in the right time and place doesn’t make you cool at all. Don’t get me wrong on this.

We can speak English anytime we want and if it is called for. Pero kong dili na gani kinahanglan, pagbisaya na lang gud…hehehe.

Disclaimer: This blog entry was written by one alumna and does not necessary reflect those of the moderator and of the site. Readers are advised with extra caution. Thanks.

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Lingwahe, Wika, Languages, ATBP…


Ang hirap pala talaga kapag maraming salita ang isang bansa. It may fortifies or simply slow down the intent for universal understanding… kay usahay dili magkasinabot. It’s an advantage though on our part, being a Cebuano, as we speak and understand the primary languages of the Philippines— English & Tagalog.

Here’s what few netizens got to say…

#sosyalirangpalaka said: Don’t English Me, I’m Not A Dictionary!
#manileno said: Tagalog Lang! Did you know that ‘Tagalog Lang’ translates as ‘Tagalog Only’ in Tagalog?
#bisdak said: Bisag unsaon, BISDAK jud ka dong! BISDAK is a street word coined as Bisayang Dako

Meanwhile, do you still remember during our younger times when we were to sing the National Anthem of the Philippines in English, then alternating it with Cebuano lyrics, then back to Tagalog?

Kahit hindi natin masyadong naiintindihan ang mismong kahulugan ng kanta, banat pa rin tayo nang banat. As long as we rhyme with the song, segi bira japon. Usahay maglibog na gani ta sa atong gikanta kay motipas usahay sa lyrics, but who cares! We are still young though and just try to blend in with the song.

Come to think of it, nganong daghan kaayo ug pinulungan sa Pilipinas? Kahit nga salitang ginagamit sa ating pambansang awit ay minsan na ring nakakagulo sa isipan ng mga mag-aaral noon. Dahilan siguro kaya hindi na naiisapuso ang pambansang awit sa iba nating mga kababayan. Buti na lang ngayon at iisang salita na lang ang ginagamit sa pagbigkas ng Lupang Hinirang.

Anyway, we want to post the different versions of our national anthem para mahinumduman pa gihapon nato sa pagkakaron. Na kahit minsan naging bahagi na rin sa ating pag-aaral noon at ewan ko lang kong maalala n’yo pa kaya ang mga ito.

The National Anthem of the Philippines (English)

English translation commissioned by the American colonial government in the 1920s. The song was translated from the Spanish by Camilo Osias and A.L. Lane.

Land of the morning
Child of the sun returning
With fervor burning
Thee do our souls adore.

Land dear and holy,
Cradle of noble heroes,
Ne’er shall invaders
Trample thy sacred shores.

Ever within thy skies and through thy clouds
And o’er thy hills and seas;
Do we behold thy radiance, feel the throb
Of glorious liberty.

Thy banner dear to all hearts
Its sun and stars alright,
Oh, never shall its shining fields
Be dimmed by tyrants might.

Beautiful land of love, oh land of light,
In thine embrace ’tis rapture to lie;
But it is glory ever when thou art wronged
For us thy sons to suffer and die.

Ang Pambansang Awit ng Pilipinas (Tagalog)

Credits: Julian Cruz Balmaceda, Ildefonso Santos, Francisco Caballo, Julian Felipe, Jose Palma

Bayang magiliw
Perlas ng Silanganan,
Alab ng puso
Sa dibdib mo’y buhay

Lupang hinirang,
Duyan ka ng magiting,
Sa manlulupig,
Di ka pasisiil.

Sa dagat at bundok,
Sa simoy at sa langit mong bughaw,
May dilag ang tula at awit,
Sa paglayang minamahal.

Ang kislap ng watawat mo’y
Tagumpay na nagniningning,
Ang bituin at araw niya
Kailan pa ma’y ‘di magdidilim.

Lupa ng araw, ng luwalhalti’t pagsinta,
Buhay ay langit sa piling mo.
Aming ligaya, na ‘pag may mang-aapi
Ang mamatay nang dahil sa ‘yo.

And of course, to pay homage to our very own language/dialect, we bring you the Cebuano version of Lupang Hinirang.

Ang Nasudnong Awit sa Pilipinas (Cebuano)

Gihubad sa pinulungang Binisaya ni Jess Vestil

Yutang tabunon
Mutya nga masilakon
Putling bahandi
Amo kang gimahal

Mithing gisimba
Yuta’s mga bayani
Sa malupigon
Padagapigan ka

Ang mga bungtod mo ug lapyahan
Ang langit mong bughaw
Nagahulad sa awit, lamdag sa
Kaliwat tang gawas

Silaw sa adlaw ug bitoon
Sa nasudnong bandila
Nagatimaan nga buhion ta
Ang atong pagkausa

Yutang maanyag, duyan ka sa pagmahal
Landong sa langit ang dughan mo;
Pakatam-ison namo kon maulipon ka
Ang kamatayon sa ngalan mo.

How about the Panatang Makabayan? Do you want me to translate it for you in English and Cebuano? Nah, maybe later…


Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas
Ito ang aking lupang sinilangan,
Ito ang tahanan ng aking lahi
Ako’y kanyang kinukupkop at tinutulungan
Upang maging malakas, maligaya, at kapaki-pakinabang
Bilang ganti ay diringgin ko ang payo ng aking mga magulang
Susundin ko ang mga tuntunin ng aking paaralan
Tutuparin ko ang mga tungkulin ng isang mamamayang
Makabayan at masunurin sa batas
Paglilingkuran ko ang aking bayan
Ng walang pag-iimbot at nang buong katapatan
Sisikapin kong maging isang tunay na Pilipino
Sa isip, sa salita, at sa gawa.

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Comfort Zone

Do you believe that a person’s behavior can be described by his or her comfort zones? But what is comfort zone anyway?

COMFORT ZONE comes in different understandings and meanings.

Based on my personal experience, comfort zone I think, is a type of mental conditioning that causes me to create or operate mental boundaries. Such boundaries create unfounded sense of personal security for myself. For instance, I have actually established mental boundaries in my life right now and that I am comfortable living with it at the moment. Like I am earning adequate amount for my job so I can pay my bills regularly and extra money I have will be shared with my family. I am comfortable with my situation and I will tend to stay in that boundary without stepping outside of it for I know that to step outside, I must experiment new and different things, and then experience the new and different responses that occur within that environment. In short, I am afraid to venture what is beyond my natural boundaries. My goosh, I am trapped inside my own comfort zone. I think I need HELP! (Dialing my psychiatrist right now, hahaha.)

There are others who gave their personal views about comfort zone too. Some of which are a bit spiteful but I think true while some are a bit funny.

#magandaako said: Comfort zone word is basically used for those people who don’t dare for anything & you can say it’s used for those who feel insecure.

#amaw said: Kana gung ibutang sa sinena para mohumot usa nimo ihayhay! (Maybe he’s referring to comfort fabric conditioner)

#itgeek said: Comfort zone is nothing but a virtual world around you, in which everything is managed according to your thinking & habits.

#walayklaro said: Comfort zone?! Pareho ra gud anang kalibangon ka kay naglain imong tiyan while nagsakay ug bus gikan Cebu padulong Borbon, dayon pagliko sa sakyanan eskina Damolog, makaingon ka sa imong kaugalingon, ayaw gawas, pugngi sa… kay naa lagi ‘comfort’ soon!

#alwayspositive said: If you will observe some lazy or dull type of people around you, then what they are doing is called living in a COMFORT ZONE. If you will ask them to do anything daring or anything which needs some efforts, they will simply deny it. They will make arguments against that task or they will try to avoid it.

How about you? Are you trapped inside your comfort zone right now?

Maybe time to step out.

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What You See Is NOT What You Get


I come to chat with one alumna (aka Miss U) and she shared her story about what happened while she did some shopping at her ‘posh’ store in Carbon. Sosyalin kaayo da, kay ‘posh store’ man jud ang peg! I almost drop myself from where I am sitting… buhakhak ug katawa kay nalingaw jud ko sa iyang istorya.

Kay nganong sa Carbon nangumpra si Miss U… pwede man unta sa SM or Ayala! Anyway we’ve made a blog about it so everyone can read and enjoy.

Miss U in Action: A Carbon Experience!


Have you heard this acronym before? Such a buzzword in the 90’s that people will use if they want to make a deal on something. WYSIWYG (pronounced ‘weeziwig’) which means ‘What you see is what you get’.
But before that revelatory decade, people would supposedly see something, ponder over what they had seen and realize that it’s probably the opposite of what’s on display. So we would see a thin man and figure that a fat man was lurking him in. And more frequently, we would gawk at a fat woman while ‘getting’ the supermodel trying to burst out of her innards. Kinda tricky, di ba!

Anyway, what I want to say over this cup of hot ovaltine I am holding right now is that there are people who want to cheat on you at the forefront. See, I was taking rounds last week at Carbon market and realized that the stuff I was buying at the stand was not exactly the same on the display. I was furious though but had no guts to return it to the vendor knowing that he had tattoos all over his body. Akong gikahadlukan nga masuko unya si Manong ug ma-stress lang hinuon akong beauty. So gora na lang ang peg ni Miss U!

I feel pity though for the kind of trick those vendors had (except some honest to goodness vendors we have) as it ruined their reputation at an instant. That instead of turning more ‘suki’ on the products they offered, they are forcing their customers to loathe and avoid them.

Anyway I will be going there again this weekend. So here goes me searching for my ‘camera’ ready to bust some cheating vendor. This time I’m absolutely determined to bring down the stand for a Fugitive.
Wish me luck!

Yours sincerely,
-Miss U

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High School Flames

Can’t help but to laugh out loud (lol) on the blog sent to us by one alumna from batch 1994. Even glad to post it here for everyone to read and laugh too!


Don’t deny it, ‘FLAMES’ was also your favorite past time during high school.

For me, it was the best diversion inside the history class of Mr. Hortel especially if I daydream of the possibility that my crush from the other section will eventually come over in our room and ask my hand in marriage, echos! (Marriage jud! Magsugod man jud na sa admire ba, then friend dayon, unya lovers or sweethearts sunod ug ending sa marriage, hahaha. In short, FLAMES ba!)

FLAMES was created amongst the girl population to have some fun especially when you wanted to know your compatibility with the other person. Though good to be real, somehow it gave a little tiny possibility (like me) to hope…hahaha! I even had a slum book with all the record of my high school “FLAMES” as a keepsake, lol. Oh and I am very guilty of playing FLAMES right now hahaha.

What is ‘FLAMES’?

FLAMES is a word wherein each letter stands or resembles a unique meaning. For some, it stands for Friends, Lovers, Anger, Marriage, Engagement and Soulmates. For me, since I am a very positive person (pero dili igat ha!) I have to make some amendment on letters A & S, which to my definition should be Admirer & Sweethearts. But let’s stick to the norm society has (read as girls) and use Anger & Soulmates para naay thrill ba.

Even the Philippine TV recognized this mini phenomenon among the females and decided to capitalize on it. Have you remember one ABS-CBN show in the nineties entitled Flames? It features the latest teen stars, the likes of Cheska Diaz & Carlo Agassi, in various love stories which made my after-school afternoons better.

How does “FLAMES’ work?

You get the name of two people. Cross out the similar letters in their names, and then total the number of the remaining letters. You then count the numbers against the acronym and then you get a future prediction of your ‘relationship’ with the person (whose name you wrote down beside yours).

Try it, maybe it will work for you. Or maybe you will meet your soulmate… in the next dimension, hahaha!

Do you guys also know M.A.S.H.?! And PANTS?

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As a way of enhancing our vocabulary, we will introduce word or words that would help us enhance our English and Cebuano/Bisaya vocabulary.

You can use the Word of the Day as inspiration in your daily activities or to share your story with the rest of our alumni community.

We encourage our fellow alumni, teachers, parents, and other educators to use our word of the day for daily activities, writing prompts or discussions.

You can also suggest a word! Do you have a word to suggest for our Word of the Day section? Click the comment button now and send your word of the day!

Are you ready to enhance your vocabulary?

Today’s Word of the Day is…

English Word:

gregarious (adj).Seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable

Bisaya/ Cebuano Word:

Laom (n.) Kinatibuk-ang tinguha nga magmalampuson sa usa ka butang

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Patiri Ko, Patiri Ka!

Tongue Twsters

Tongue twisters are definitely fun. It provides excitement especially when you recite a tricky rhyme and accidentally clutter and jumble the words. It also helps develop our speech ability and pronunciation.

But when most people think of tongue twisters a childhood image comes to mind. (Gotcha! I know you also have fun for tongue twisters too.)

Attempting to recite a tricky rhyme or phrase as fast as possible without tripping over the verbal challenges and hurdles lurking within these tongue-tying sentences, such as Peter Piper Picked A Peck of Pickled Peppers.

Combining the effects of alliteration (repetition of a sound), particularly of similar but not identical sounds, with a phrase designed such that it is made very easy to slip (perhaps making a spoonerism) accidentally, these sentences and poems can be guaranteed to provide us with lots of fun and laughter.

But tongue twisters are not only for light-hearted linguistic fun and games. They serve a practical purpose in practicing pronunciation. English tongue twisters may be used by students to improve their accent, some people who need to develop a certain accent, and by speech therapists to help those with speech difficulties.

If you still remember the fun brought by tongue twisters in high school, then you’ll enjoy more with some tongue twisters we offer below:

TT#1 (TT denote Tongue Twister, not a different meaning guys)
Betty Botter bought a bit of butter.
“But,” said she, “this butter’s bitter.
If I put it in my batter,
It will make my batter bitter.
But a bit of better butter
That would make my batter better.”
So Betty Botter bought a bit of better butter
(Better than her bitter butter)
And she put it in her bitter batter
And made her bitter batter a bit better.

I bought a bit of baking powder and baked a batch of biscuits. I brought a big basket of biscuits back to the bakery and baked a basket of big biscuits. Then I took the big basket of biscuits and the basket of big biscuits and mixed the big biscuits with the basket of biscuits that was next to the big basket and put a bunch of biscuits from the basket into a biscuit mixer and brought the basket of biscuits and the box of mixed biscuits and the biscuit mixer to the bakery-and opened a can of sardines.

Bill had a billboard.
Bill also had a board bill.
The board bill bored Bill,
So Bill sold his billboard
And paid his board bill.
Then the board bill
No longer bored Bill,
But though he had no board bill,
Neither did he have his billboard!

Esau Wood would saw wood.
Oh, the wood that Wood would saw!
One day Esau Wood saw a saw saw wood as no other wood-saw
Wood ever saw would saw wood.
Of all the wood-saws Wood ever saw saw wood,
Wood never saw a wood-saw that would saw like the wood-saw
Wood saw would.
Now Esau saws wood with that wood-saw he saw saw wood.

He says that a two twice-twisted twine twisted twice twists twice as tight as a one once-twisted twine twisted twice.
But I say that a two twice-twisted twine twisted twice does not twist as tight as a one once-twisted twine twisted twice.

Of all the smells I ever smelt,
If I never smelt a smell that smelt
Like that smell I smelt smelled.

But what is more fun than to try tongue twisters in our own lingo.

Classic Bisaya Tongue Twister #1
Ang balay ni beloy libat

Classic Bisaya Tongue Twister #2
Patiri ko, patiri ka!

(Try to recite these tongue twisters ‘rapidly’ 10 times and find out if you will not scramble the words. But don’t you ever say a word that would make me laugh out loud)


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