It never ceases to amaze us how many alumni actively involved in homecoming events and school related activities. We recently had conversations with some alumni telling us how proud they were to have attended high school at BNHS and how their former teachers helped transform their way of life.  Some went on to tell how pleased they were to have had participated the 25th Anniversary of our school and meeting their own alumni population.  Some coming from afar but choose to attend the grand homecoming in order to relive their beautiful high school memories.

With our constant immersion in the alumni community at facebook and getting in touch with different alumni populations (read as batches), we sometimes forget that others would think that gatherings like these are  just fun moments and nothing more, even others would know better.

Homecoming is a source of promise for every alumna.  It promises relevant differentiated benefits.  Among these benefits that alumni could get are: (1) Reviving the conventional recognition & acceptance amongst our mates ‘batch or school mates alike’ and respect from our former teachers; (2) Establishing a foundation that would solidify aspirations to give back something to the school we merely owed our basic education; (3) Acquiring possible support system amongst each other or reliving the ‘bayanihan’ spirit in our alumni community by way of helping one another. 

We cannot deny that there are alumni who have had reached the pinnacle of their journey (read as success) while others are still moving at pace.   Every homecoming opens door of information among each other that might be useful for work prospects, career advice or any form of aid that ameliorates life.    

Whatever differentiated benefits that each homecoming has, it is important that the promise or proposition be delivered consistently at each point of alumni contact, time after time.  And while they are important, they are only effective to the extent that they reinforce an underlying promise that is compelling to the alumni’s target goals and interests—whether personal, school or overall alumni community of BNHS.

The 2013 Grand Alumni Homecoming was definitely a good start guys.  Hopefully our next grand homecoming will supersede the last one.  And this time, more alumni will finally come home (read as school) to help and participate in whatever capacities they can.

Thank you BNHS for you continue to stand mighty at 25!


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