Dear BNHS Alumni & Students,

We are inviting everyone to be part of our alumni blog site.  You can be our contributor, editor, author or follower.  Just give us your email address so we can invite you in this blog sharing site and enjoy access at the same time.

As an admin, we are maintaining the BNHS Borbon Facebook account which is link to Alumni Blog at  Since we believe in the art of free expression, we would like to insist that privilege to every BNHS alumnus/alumna who shares the same passion in writing.  We only set clear and simple editorial standards for publication of blogs, posts and articles here.  Any write ups will be accepted, as long as it supports the aim of spearheading the interest of BNHS graduates, students and the school in particular.

We started the Alumni Blog and facebook fan page in 2010 as an initiative to tap other alumni thru’ information sharing to increase our activities in the web.  An intent which promotes our beautiful Alma Mater, alumni, as well as students of BNHS…ALL IN POSITIVE AND RESPONSIBLE MANNER!  You may check the same from our facebook page timeline and on blogs published herein.

After the successful grand alumni homecoming in May 25, 2013, we find it fitting to continue the fire burning with everyone.  Hopefully, this endeavor will lead to something beneficial like philanthropic works, giving back initiatives to our school that may be discussed and shared by all alumni here.  Judging the result of the recent homecoming, we have no other aspirations at this point but to keep the communication channel open to all in order to increase alumni activities on the web that would not only promote our school but also bring in more alumni heads under one roof. 

If you want to help for the improvement of our site and for you to get access with, kindly send us your email address so we can get back to you with an invite.  Please include detail about the extent of authority you want like contributor, editor, author or follower, so we can tag you accordingly.  Right after you accept our invitation, you can immediately browse and post whatever topics of interest (but positive & responsible articles only) about students, teachers, alumni or  even the entire school community.


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