Alumni Service Program: How To Give Back

Giving back to our beautiful Alma Mater can come in many forms: volunteering, supporting in any athletic events or donating something to school. Time, talent, treasure or cheering wildly at school’s contingents to festivals or mardigras like Silmugi or Sinulog are also another forms that will keep the school thriving. Any and all of these things will continue to keep our school great.” -Admin

To acknowledge a valid suggestion from some alumni out there, we waste no time but to post it right here so others can read and share their personal opinions too. 

The suggestion is about giving back initiatives to our school.  This type of initiative, we think, can be done on individual effort, batch representation or thru’ the general service program of our school. 

For those alumni who are sending their intentions to us, on how to sponsor projects for the school, we suggest that you visit our school and discuss the matter directly with school officials.  You can also get in touch with your batch representatives or intimate with any alumni officers for further assistance.  They are the ones designated with specific responsibility to represent our alumni population. 

Thank you.


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