BNHS Administration – Principal & Faculty Members

Know The Current Administration of Borbon National High School
As of 26th August 2013 Posting Date

BNHS Faculty

Current Principal:

Mr. Genes M. Taneo
(replacement of Mrs. Lorna T. Ibo, retired principal)

Active Faculty Members (In no particular order)

Mrs. Christine B.Ibo
Mrs. Elma S. Garcia
Miss Honeybee Labajo
Mr. Emmanuel Mundo
Mrs. Nanette E. De Roda
Miss Mylen Mondigo
Miss Cris Mae Melgo
Miss Erl Daves Rose Garcia
Mrs. Annie R. Origenes
Mrs. Flora Casia
Mrs. Brenda L. Melgo
Mr. Joseph Brigoli
Miss Renelyn F. Regis
Mrs. Letecia D. Bentulan
Mrs. Donna Marie R. Brigoli
Mr. Luisito Dela Rama
Mr. Jimmy B. Aton
Mr. Arsenio M. Pacaldo
Mrs. Carmen A. Barita
Mrs. Juana M. Monte
Mrs. Millarisa A. Valero (she will retire on Aug. 30, 2013)


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