Tangke Ug Tabigi


Here’s another enduring story from our ‘old’ folk (hahaha). The author might agree with me that only the body gets old, but not the heart. Sorry MT for the word ‘OLD’… for I know you are still very young at heart. Forty is not that old enough though…hahaha.

Anyway, we’ll share this to our young generations, for them to know how life before was a struggle… yet full of excitement.

Have fun everyone!

Tangke & Tabigi (Years Back)

Before LWUA or the Local Water Works Systems instigated in Borbon, Borbonanons living at the town proper have already enjoyed potable water (limpyo pa man gud to sa una oy) from two important sources: Tangke & Tabigi.

Sa wala pa mauso ang tubig sa gripo ug mga bottled mineral waters, locals who have no direct access to the water system normally fetch water from deep wells and springs. Kung para hugas sa plato, magpundo ug tubig gikan sa poso… pero kong imnunon gani, sa tabigi o tangke magsag-ob.

Life before was simple and unpretentious. At dawn, we woke up looking for empty urn (gallons) or containers and head directly to Tangke. If lucky enough to catch the plunge of the reservoir, we will finish filling our empty containers; take a quick shower with such enormous drops at the reservoir, then leave with a happy heart so we can ready ourselves for school (usahay wala na gani shampohay ug panabon ba).

But if Tangke will run out of water supply, we will continue our plight to Tabigi (the main source itself) and have to walk an extra mile. The tendency is, we will end up lingering at the river, putting behind our stuffs and enjoying our swimming spree in icy cold, crystal clear Ylaya water instead. Usahay maapasan pa gani ug bunal kay dugay manguli; gapaabot diay si Mama ug tubig pangkilis sa bugas. Hahay buhay! Maalaala mo pa kaya ang latos nga sambag… nga pwerting sakita. Ug ang bakos ni papa… nga pwerting ngiloha!

Terms To Remember:

Tangke – Long time back, this is the common name of the local reservoir in Poblacion which supply fresh potable water (for free) at the nearby locality. The word derived from English word tank or water tank.

Tabigi – is the name referred to the main water source in Poblacion; a small spring located in a place called Ylaya. Tabigi water source supplies directly to Tangke (water tank); and runs through the ‘now famous’ Silmugi river.

How about you? Do you also have some customary fixations or stories from way back? Like your regular routines before time immemorial…hahaha.

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