Defend Your Walls, It Is Your Right!

“Many people say that you wouldn’t know what freedom means until you come into a place where it is scarce”.

Social Media

I know everyone will always have a say on this. One little indiscretion and everyone will get their piece of the faux pas.

Social media nowadays has been exploited relentlessly by sharing and liking, giving expert or fierce comments, most of the time unwitting and uncalled for. Many have exercised basic rights and defended their opinions with harsh words on Facebook walls or on Twitter feeds. Distastefully criticizing and firmly pressing their views to influence the concerned or the probing public. But are we responsible enough on every word we wrote on our walls?

In the heat of every discussion, everyone always use this mighty defense, “It is a free country anyway!”

We know our little voices will mean anything to us or to others. But having to put it on our shout out page or verbalize it in words… is something that we need to double check and think before posting on our walls.

We know it is the very basic freedom… to having the right to say, what you want to say, when you want to say it, and being allowed to be where you want to be, those seemingly trivial things… but we should do it in line of precision and conscientious writing.


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