It’s What I Do

Its What I Do Segment

To continue the fuss in our Alumni community after we introduce the “Who’s Who Section”, this time, we will give you another segment called the “It’s What I Do Section” in our facebook page.

This segment will bring us to another level of getting to know more of our dear alumni about what keep them busy right now. Other than names & pretty faces, we believe that everyone in our alumni community will be equally excited to know what everyone is up to.

We also believe that every alumna or alumnus is already a good story to tell. And whatever industry, vocation, trade, career or inclinations you have, we promise that we will give utmost importance to it. For we value and respect everyone’s contribution to the community.

This segment will feature about what a certain alumna/ alumnus is doing, the typical day he/she has or any advice “career, life, love, etc.” that he/she can share with the rest of our alumni community. We promise that we will keep this segment purely for inspirational and informational purposes only.

After all, it’s what we do! Promoting camaraderie and unity among the graduates of Borbon National High School…


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