When I Talk, You Listen!

Interracial Work Atmosphere

We bring you a story from one alumna (aka Loida) currently working abroad. It’s about her experience at work and how she managed to survive amidst cultural and interracial diversity.

Loida was leading a career as a plant supervisor for one manufacturing company in the far West. She supervised 10 positions along with some entry-levels and had to push hard just to meet company targets and deadlines. To make her story short, she has to rise above all obstacles just to get there.

How she do it? Well, that’s the thing she shared with us here.

Loida said that the first time she gets into that position she has to prove lots of things. Yeah, lots and lots of things. First to herself, that she has all the capabilities to carry out the job. Second to her immediate superior for entrusting the job without hesitations; and third to her colleagues who manifested random reservations which hamper the proper delivery of tasks she want to assign them.

Loida was working in an international company where she has no choice but to deal with people in different cultural background, races and colors. After giving everything to her job, Loida gradually win their trust, not just the superior’s faith but her subordinates too. Eventually, Loida enjoyed the acquaintances and warmth reception of everyone in the company.

She still maintains her grace up to now and asked what is it that makes you do all those things. She said, there is only one thing that I always said to my colleague when I am calling them for departmental meetings, discussions, or even in ordinary talks and that’s… “when I talk, you listen!” She also explained that she is not trying to portray stern persona as every time she said it to someone, she revert it with… “same thing I will do to you that when you talk, I listen!”

To us, it is quite a privilege to know someone like Loida who belongs to our alumni community and who has the courage to venture life away from home and away from her comfort zone.

To Loida, we know it’s not easy to go through different challenges and enduring it alone in the foreign land. Keep it up and we are proud of you. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

To those who wish to share their story about work, please email us at registered_nurse123@yahoo.com. And we promise that when you talk your story with us, we will definitely listen.


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