We want to share our deep appreciation to all alumni who have continuously sent their feedbacks to us about high school.

Memories from high school came to us at once and reading all your feedbacks steer away our very emotions. We concluded our reading of all feedbacks we received in joyous state.

It is incredible what one can share on through cherished memories at BNHS, encouragement passed by our teachers – their words so uplifting that emotions become necessary.

To other alumni out there, if you have something to tell about your previous teachers at BNHS or words of gratitude you wish to express but have no guts to say it in person please do not hesitate to make us… as your messenger. We promise to post it here and ensure that the concerned teacher will read it.

Or if you have some unfinished business with your classmates, fond memories of your friends in high school, subjects you like or find unexciting, love experiences in high school or any topic in particular, please do not hesitate to share it with us.

We will treasure every feedback we receive for it is something that we need to have and to hold in our alumni community.

For high school memories are indeed priceless!


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