Comfort Zone

Do you believe that a person’s behavior can be described by his or her comfort zones? But what is comfort zone anyway?

COMFORT ZONE comes in different understandings and meanings.

Based on my personal experience, comfort zone I think, is a type of mental conditioning that causes me to create or operate mental boundaries. Such boundaries create unfounded sense of personal security for myself. For instance, I have actually established mental boundaries in my life right now and that I am comfortable living with it at the moment. Like I am earning adequate amount for my job so I can pay my bills regularly and extra money I have will be shared with my family. I am comfortable with my situation and I will tend to stay in that boundary without stepping outside of it for I know that to step outside, I must experiment new and different things, and then experience the new and different responses that occur within that environment. In short, I am afraid to venture what is beyond my natural boundaries. My goosh, I am trapped inside my own comfort zone. I think I need HELP! (Dialing my psychiatrist right now, hahaha.)

There are others who gave their personal views about comfort zone too. Some of which are a bit spiteful but I think true while some are a bit funny.

#magandaako said: Comfort zone word is basically used for those people who don’t dare for anything & you can say it’s used for those who feel insecure.

#amaw said: Kana gung ibutang sa sinena para mohumot usa nimo ihayhay! (Maybe he’s referring to comfort fabric conditioner)

#itgeek said: Comfort zone is nothing but a virtual world around you, in which everything is managed according to your thinking & habits.

#walayklaro said: Comfort zone?! Pareho ra gud anang kalibangon ka kay naglain imong tiyan while nagsakay ug bus gikan Cebu padulong Borbon, dayon pagliko sa sakyanan eskina Damolog, makaingon ka sa imong kaugalingon, ayaw gawas, pugngi sa… kay naa lagi ‘comfort’ soon!

#alwayspositive said: If you will observe some lazy or dull type of people around you, then what they are doing is called living in a COMFORT ZONE. If you will ask them to do anything daring or anything which needs some efforts, they will simply deny it. They will make arguments against that task or they will try to avoid it.

How about you? Are you trapped inside your comfort zone right now?

Maybe time to step out.


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