What You See Is NOT What You Get


I come to chat with one alumna (aka Miss U) and she shared her story about what happened while she did some shopping at her ‘posh’ store in Carbon. Sosyalin kaayo da, kay ‘posh store’ man jud ang peg! I almost drop myself from where I am sitting… buhakhak ug katawa kay nalingaw jud ko sa iyang istorya.

Kay nganong sa Carbon nangumpra si Miss U… pwede man unta sa SM or Ayala! Anyway we’ve made a blog about it so everyone can read and enjoy.

Miss U in Action: A Carbon Experience!


Have you heard this acronym before? Such a buzzword in the 90’s that people will use if they want to make a deal on something. WYSIWYG (pronounced ‘weeziwig’) which means ‘What you see is what you get’.
But before that revelatory decade, people would supposedly see something, ponder over what they had seen and realize that it’s probably the opposite of what’s on display. So we would see a thin man and figure that a fat man was lurking him in. And more frequently, we would gawk at a fat woman while ‘getting’ the supermodel trying to burst out of her innards. Kinda tricky, di ba!

Anyway, what I want to say over this cup of hot ovaltine I am holding right now is that there are people who want to cheat on you at the forefront. See, I was taking rounds last week at Carbon market and realized that the stuff I was buying at the stand was not exactly the same on the display. I was furious though but had no guts to return it to the vendor knowing that he had tattoos all over his body. Akong gikahadlukan nga masuko unya si Manong ug ma-stress lang hinuon akong beauty. So gora na lang ang peg ni Miss U!

I feel pity though for the kind of trick those vendors had (except some honest to goodness vendors we have) as it ruined their reputation at an instant. That instead of turning more ‘suki’ on the products they offered, they are forcing their customers to loathe and avoid them.

Anyway I will be going there again this weekend. So here goes me searching for my ‘camera’ ready to bust some cheating vendor. This time I’m absolutely determined to bring down the stand for a Fugitive.
Wish me luck!

Yours sincerely,
-Miss U


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