Marketing & Communications: BNHS Alumni Newsletters


Reviving the Alumni Pulse Newsletters
Poblacion, Borbon, Cebu

BNHS ALUMNI PULSE, edited by BNHS Borbon and fellow alumni, is an independent newsletters for the alumni community of Borbon National High School. The first issue released on January, 2011 was distributed with limited copies.

To provide our alumni community with regular newsletter and as our way of promoting camaraderie among graduates of Borbon National High School, we would like to invite everyone to contribute your stories, views, opinions, comments or feedbacks with us. We believe that we have too much to share and this newsletter is an effective way to bring together our intentions.

alumni pulse - issue 1

We would love to be able to stay in touch with you and help you connect with your alumni population! We would like to share more information which you may find helpful. For instance, we have been compiling pictures and information of some alumni and introduce them in our alumni community under the Who’s Who Section. If you would like to be on this list, please update your information and be sure to include your complete name if you’d like to be added on our email & facebook list. Please also update your contact preferences (for instance, if you don’t want us to e-mail you and we have been).

Besides updating your contact information with us, we highly recommend that you join the official Alumni Association of Borbon National High School. The Alumni Association is more active than ever. They are getting together alumni in all kinds of fun ways and providing a lot of useful information on their own.

alumni pulse - issue 2

You can check on any of the following groups in facebook to join:
BNHS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (created in 2010 by BNHS Borbon as unofficial group and an avenue for the Alumni Community of Borbon National High School)
Borbon National High School Alumni Association (created as an official group in 2013, mandated by 2013 Alumni Homecoming Officers & sanctioned by the school administration)

Also join our group at Facebook to see what fellow alumni have been doing (see the Alumni Facebook page for more information). For instance, check out who are the set of officers elected after that 2013 Grand Alumni Homecoming and 25th Anniversary celebration of our school.

Plus if you join you get to maintain your personal connection with other alumni which is a great way to stay in touch with them as they move from place to place.


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