High School Flames

Can’t help but to laugh out loud (lol) on the blog sent to us by one alumna from batch 1994. Even glad to post it here for everyone to read and laugh too!


Don’t deny it, ‘FLAMES’ was also your favorite past time during high school.

For me, it was the best diversion inside the history class of Mr. Hortel especially if I daydream of the possibility that my crush from the other section will eventually come over in our room and ask my hand in marriage, echos! (Marriage jud! Magsugod man jud na sa admire ba, then friend dayon, unya lovers or sweethearts sunod ug ending sa marriage, hahaha. In short, FLAMES ba!)

FLAMES was created amongst the girl population to have some fun especially when you wanted to know your compatibility with the other person. Though good to be real, somehow it gave a little tiny possibility (like me) to hope…hahaha! I even had a slum book with all the record of my high school “FLAMES” as a keepsake, lol. Oh and I am very guilty of playing FLAMES right now hahaha.

What is ‘FLAMES’?

FLAMES is a word wherein each letter stands or resembles a unique meaning. For some, it stands for Friends, Lovers, Anger, Marriage, Engagement and Soulmates. For me, since I am a very positive person (pero dili igat ha!) I have to make some amendment on letters A & S, which to my definition should be Admirer & Sweethearts. But let’s stick to the norm society has (read as girls) and use Anger & Soulmates para naay thrill ba.

Even the Philippine TV recognized this mini phenomenon among the females and decided to capitalize on it. Have you remember one ABS-CBN show in the nineties entitled Flames? It features the latest teen stars, the likes of Cheska Diaz & Carlo Agassi, in various love stories which made my after-school afternoons better.

How does “FLAMES’ work?

You get the name of two people. Cross out the similar letters in their names, and then total the number of the remaining letters. You then count the numbers against the acronym and then you get a future prediction of your ‘relationship’ with the person (whose name you wrote down beside yours).

Try it, maybe it will work for you. Or maybe you will meet your soulmate… in the next dimension, hahaha!

Do you guys also know M.A.S.H.?! And PANTS?

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