Something To Learn & Share About Our Beloved Hometown

Silmugi Borbon

According to wikipedia, Borbon is a fourth class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. As per 2010 classifications of municipalities, Borbon has an average income ranging from 25-35 million a year.

Classification of municipalities is based on the average annual income of certain municipality from the previous four calendar years.

First Class, for municipalities with the average annual income of 55 million pesos or more; Second Class, for municipalities having income ranging from 45-55 million pesos a year; Third Class for municipalities with 35-45 million pesos; Fourth Class where Borbon is being classified into will be between 25-35 million; Fifth Class for municipalities with 15-25 million and Sixth Class for municipalities with less than 15 million pesos annual income.

For the 2010 census, Borbon has a population of 31,598 people (Source:

Borbon is administratively subdivided into 19 barangays below:

1. Bagacay
2. Bili
3. Bingay
4. Bongdo
5. Bongdo Gua
6. Bongoyan
7. Cadaruhan
8. Cajel
9. Campusong
10. Clavera
11. Don Gregorio Antigua (Taytayan)
12. Laaw
13. Lugo
14. Managase
15. Poblacion
16. Sagay
17. San Jose
18. Tabunan
19. Tagnucan

Sources of livelihood for Borbonanons are fishing and farming. However, with the continuous development of beautiful sceneries throughout the municipality by the local government and private sectors alike, maybe tourism industry will prosper and turn as valuable revenue players for our beloved hometown.

Who knows that in the next four year classification process for municipalities around the country, our beloved Borbon will take one step higher or a big leap perhaps to becoming a First Class municipality in the Province of Cebu.


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