Someone Up Above Is Watching

Moment of Truth
Lies. How often you do it?

We’ve all done it!
•Some only on rare occasions
•Some habitual
•Some do it for revenge
•Others to impress
•Some for the sake of convenience
•Some out of cowardice
•Others dwell with its purpose

We lie. We even lie to ourselves.

Just yesterday, I realized that my bff lied about her weight. She had tried a diet program where she was obliged to check and monitor her weight on weekly basis, regular ‘weigh-in’ on Fridays in fact. Her newly calibrated bathroom scale (I know it’s calibrated coz’ I was with her when we purchased it in Ayala) revealed that she was 69 kg heavier but when she wrote down her weight on the checklist, she recorded 67 kg less (obvious lie of course, hehehe). She even told me that she did that because the fried chicken, 3 pieces actually, brought by her boyfriend from Jollibee which she ate standing over the sink should not count. “Gabarog daw siya nga nagkaon maong lahos jud daw to sa lapa-lapa oy… natunaw dayon ba!” A little white lie kuno…hehehe!

We even have categories for our lies:
•The bald-face lie
•The half-truth lie
•The little white lie (which is common for everyone)

In whatever forms or ways we categorize our lies, we should not forget that it still has consequences. Some lies can even destroy a marriage, spoil a friendship or even collapse a business.

Maybe the key to honesty is really simple. Someone up above is watching.


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