Here’s a mood changing story from one alumna working in MEPZ, Lapu-Lapu City.  We enjoyed reading his story and we hope you’ll enjoy it too.  If you also have some stories to tell, please email it to us at

How’s your mood today?

As the old saying goes… when you wake up in a sulky mood surely you get up at the wrong side of the bed.

When I asked my nine-year old nephew, “how’s your mood today?”, he simply just said, “it depends… if you will not intimidate me today!”. Surprising yet clever answer from a kid who makes me feel sorry for asking.  Actually I am fond of making jokes to some of my nephews that they either end up crying or turns grumpy at the latter.  Speaking of moods, I also think that our dispositions at any given point in time may equally relate to that of the children.

I worked in MEPZ for quite some time now as an (position withheld) practitioner.  Every morning before going to work, I carry out with my morning ritual on the mirror trying to convince myself that I am happy and that I am as handsome as John Lloyd— hahaha.  Though most of the time it didn’t work, yet I always see to it that I started my day with a happy mood.

My mood transformation begins upon reaching the office.  As expected, the happy mood I had at the boarding house will gradually diminish when appalling stimuli from work will also begin to sinks in.  First, I’m hearing my boss yelling over the phone as if he was in a fight with someone in close confrontations.  A curious mood gets into my senses trying to know who that poor guy was at the other end of the line.

The daily scene in my work was just like seeing my very self at the middle of the crowd that nobody cares what the hell I am up to.

As I turn right, girls’ from gossip department are busy with their tittle-tattle and if I have the urge to hear what’s hot and what’ not in our organization, surely I end up having a sneaky and chatty mood at the corner with these girls.  To my left, the masculados from our engine-err-ing department are busy with something in the computers too.  For what I knew, these boys are watching some naughty content from the internet to feed in their minds and believe me you wouldn’t wanna know any further… hahaha.  Let’s just say, boys will always be boys.

My mood neutralized when the office clock reaches five, but just temporary. Because this time, I really need to take a deeper breath as the fracas continues.     It’s when I am taking a PUJ ride on a super busy traffic starting from MEPZ going to my boarding house in Sikatuna Street.  Imagine that! You’ll arrive late at night craving for what’s left in the kitchen.

If no left-over, my head turns hot and can even boil an egg at an instant… stress mood.

Now my turn to ask… how about your mood today?


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