As a sequel to the thread ‘SO MANY FACES & GRACES’, we will bring you another set of alumni to be featured in our blog this time.

Facebook and other online medium, all have pivotal roles in revailing the other side of our personality nowadays. At the very prompt, we can post our most recent pictures and feat- conveying the enormous changes in our physical, if not our cerebral development, as people may call it.

Ang uban sa atong mga alumni sa pagkakaron kay ni-gwapa ug ni-gwapo na gyud ug maayo, while others remain their sugary and appealing looks even to the turn of time.

Thus, as a tribute, here comes another set of photos of our dear alumni randomly picked at facebook.

This time, we call it GIRL POWER! So wait till we finally reveal the BOYS POWER of BNHS… next time!  Enjoy.

TOP: Ms. Morena Villegas-Batch 94, Ms. Wilda Abunado-Batch 93 & Ms. Maricar Suson – Batch 95

 BOTTOM: Ms. Elvie Sumayang-Batch 93, Ms. Naneth Armodia-Batch 95, Ms. Karen Kiseo (Taneo) 94

We will be posting more photos from other batches (in random selection only) for our succeeding posts and we act contritely if we cannot post more- due to time, source and space limitations.

But if you have some pictures you want us to post here, please email it to us at and again, the honor is always ours.


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