Welcome Year 2011!

The D-DAY will finally come at last. We bid a fond farewell to the year 2010 and embrace the coming year with a whole lot of hopes, promises, resolutions and aspirations….

The year 2010 has ended with a bang and a lot of fanfare hopefully giving way to another equally exciting year ahead.

Despite the hang-over from the global financial crisis and the numerous ups and downs of the year gone by, one can still look back on a positive note that not only have people taken all this in their stride and coped with the changing times and fortunes but have learned from their mistakes and adapted stoically and moved onward and forward.

The never-say die attitude and fortitude of the people of Borbon and BNHS alumni alike to face challenges must be acknowledged and saluted.  

In keeping with the positively cheerful note, we want to encapsulate all that we or our school, the BNHS have achieved over the past years. We want to capture events and achievements over the past years or the past twelve months that fill us with a warm sense of pride as we or our school itself takes its place on the world wide web with the quiet, strength and confidence as befits our mature and ever-evolving life.

For our young or the not so young alumni out there (from Batch 92 to the present batch), you can send us your collection of your wonderful sojourn that reflects your verve and enthusiasm for life and your upbeats. Memorable photos of your travel or gatherings are definitely bound to bring smile to our faces. Share it with us, and we assure to find a special place of your pictures here at our alumni blog site.

All else failing, the time tested tunes and embellishment of Christmas in almost all neighborhoods will cure us of our blues in time to ring in the New Year with good cheer.

On that cheery note, we bid adieu to 2010 and wish all our alumni a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead.


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