DON’T LET DEPRESSION GET THE BETTER OF YOU. The joys and the blues are the ups and downs of life and one should find ways of coping with the latter to get on in life. The reasons vary, the length of time it lasts varies, but there are many natural ways to fight the blues. Meditation and breathing exercises require a focus, a oneness –all work as a natural relaxant to the body. Steeping yourself, in activities like reading, listening to music, painting or de-cluttering your home will shifts your mind away from more weighty issues. Below are a few simple and time-tested ways to beat the blues…

Enjoy the great outdoor

Sunshine is necessary to dispel the clouds of gloom. Go swimming at the beach, the likes of Lumapas or Silveria; enjoy picnic at Maslog spring, wade in a stream or go boating at Silmugi river.

Drinking is a total “No, no”

Alcohol tends to make depression worse. It’s true that in the beginning there is a high or euphoric rush, which is soon replaced by a deeper than ever low. Moreover, the morning after brings with it not only a physical hangover but also the accompanying guilt and low self-image that follows every binge with the bottle.

Reach out to friends

Reaching out to someone to share your burden automatically reduces the blues that you are lugging around by half. Just get in touch with your friends, or befriend and create some at our alumni association in facebook; they may need the same as badly as you do. Loneliness will only increase your blues tenfold.

Write anytime, anywhere

Writing is the most cathartic of hobbies. Firstly, the writing is a means to let go of all those deep dark fears, frustrations and insecurities that are key causes that lead us to the dark abyss of depression. It is one activity that is non-judgmental so you can spew out all those pent-up feelings and emotions in the privacy of your room. Moreover, putting problems on paper helps keep things in perspective, giving an objection view of the entire situation. Make this blog site as an avenue of releasing your bad feelings over things. Write it down and let others share their good counsels. We have a lot of alumni out there who are knowledgeable in some sort of things, and maybe we can get help.

Read and learn something

Transport yourself to another land or make up a land you can transport yourself to. Lose yourself in a flight of fancy of your own or the writer’s and you will find yourself drifting away from your own problems.

Above all else- appreciate every seconds of your life and enjoy it to the fullest. Depression is nothing but just a pathetic excuse from frustrations over things. Don’t let it ruin your day.


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13/12/2010 · 11:41 pm

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