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We have come across some of our beautiful and handsome alumni at facebook, and of course, we would love to see what manner of transformation they have become today.   

Sages said that action speaks louder than words, but we think it otherwise, that this saying was already the thing from the past. 

Pictures nowadays convey better depiction to what we would love or wish to deliver to other people.  Ergo, picture speaks louder than any words or actions combined… hehehe.    

We had, however, randomly picked some of the pictures of our dear alumni to squeeze in this blog page and also to pave the way to the sequel for another picto-blogs to follow.

So here are some of the so many faces and graces of Borbon National High school… PART 1.

On top:  Ms. Jilda Armero (Batch 92) & Ms. Nil T. Ibo -now Dadole (Pioneering Batch – Class 92 Valedictorian). 

Below:  Ms. Wilda Dosdos (Batch 92), Mr. Christopher Mangubat (Batch 93), Mr. Harry Antigua (Batch 93), Mr. Joven Vanguardia (Batch 93-Salutatorian), Ms. Amor Suson (Batch 94), Mr. Ruel Montejo (Batch 95), Ms. Hazel Antigua (Batch 94-Salutatorian), Mr. Melvin Gutang (Batch 95), Ms. Arlyn Armodia (Batch 93).

We would love to post more pictures of our dear alumni here.  If you have old pictures or new ones, please share it with us.  Thanks.

BNHS Alumni Moderator




3 responses to “SO MANY FACES AND GRACES

  1. Arlyn Armodia

    Hey guys!I googled my name then, I realized that I was tagged at borbonnationalhighschoolalumni site..It’s a pleasure…I still can recall the fun at school.I loved every single second of it…Thank you!!

  2. @Arlyn: You’re welcome. The feeling is indeed mutual… especially to all BNHS Alumni. It’s a fun thing to reminisce the good and even the “not so good” memories from high school.

    @Everyone: We received several offline and online messages from our passionate alumni pushing the idea to hold a GRAND HOMECOMING at the school premises. Perhaps, we need to extend the call to all graduates of Borbon National High School… kung ganahan ba mo ani nga plano. Have your say here guys. Mas maayo unta to kung naay mo-represent kada batch para bongga unta ang atong GRAND REUNION. The last time it was held… long time back… it was dubbed as a “DECADIC ENCOUNTER” and it was a success. Siguro this time around… alegre kaayo kong daghan ang mo-involve to organize such.

  3. Sherwin Borbon

    I am proud of you guys, borbonians forever.

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