Let’s chill!

December is the season for parties, parties and more parties. We have to expect that when Christmas season comes, all are raring to go out and enjoy some social events and gatherings. May it be with the circles of friends, family or even frenemies. Providentially, reconciliation is also in the air this very time of the year. Dili maayo ang magdumot ug labing dili maayo ang mga nakasimangot sa pasko ug bag-ong tuig!

As Christmas is well thought-out as the season of joy and forgiveness, we expect that most of us will also start assessing some unfinished business we have with other people and for us to have a good lead in the year 2011. We need to begin a new year with radiant spirits and blissful hearts (make it a part of your resolution guys). Let us put behind all the troubles we have had for this year and let’s move forward for the good of our brothers and sisters in Borbon for 2011.

Those living in the city or in other countries may have more than their social and cultural platters full with a plethora of activities taking place there. But mind you, we also have plenty of activities to look forward to in the localities of Borbon.

In school alone (at BNHS), we’re pretty sure that when the calendar reveals the last 3 letters of the month, to read as ‘ber’, school affairs have already been lined up for students to showcase their social endowments.

Not to mention, the much anticipated disco at Poblacion plaza, the Christmas revelry in the neighborhoods, the merrymaking with old time friends and classmates at Lumapas or Silveria beaches. Or perhaps some have already planned a picnic at Maslog— another splendid get-away to consider among teens in Borbon nowadays.

With the social activities on the upswing, it’s important to get back into shape – forsake fad diets like lechon, humba, menudo, mechado, adobo, dinuguan, hamonada and the ever sumptuous yet rich in cholesterol seafoods- the likes of pusit, lambay, prawns, etc. When attending lavish parties, don’t forget to slow down your curb for fatty foods and if your appetite really couldn’t resist it, try eating only a bit of those.

You can go all out nutty this December but save more energy till January next year for the feast of our patron saint, San Sebastian the Martyr, for it will be another superfluity of local delicacies and fiesta events combined.

For this opportune time, let us be the first to greet everyone in Borbon- a very merry Christmas, a very prosperous new year and an extremely jovial celebration of our town fiesta on 20th of January, 2011. That’s few more days away guys!


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