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We are pleased to hear that sometimes life is just so surprisingly good.  Actually we had chatted with a long time friend at FB and during our online talks… we have found out that she’s a thriving career woman nowadays and working in one reputable international organization as a marketing professional.

So it started in a pangumusta and all, effortless kaayo, char, then sharing stories and acquaintances during high school.  The memories shared were so gratifying, much more when we started to roll our chat “like mga foolishness done inside the classroom kaniadto, the cutting-classes, the sungog-sungog sa mga crushes,  mga away among the bff, and not to mention — the likes & dislikes nga nauso kaayo sa among mga slumbook before, apil gani ang among mga likes nga teachers kaniadto, lol.”

According to Ms. D, she has come across our blog just recently and she found it amusing to read some topics about high school; and would love to share some of her interesting stories too.  So while waiting for Ms. D to send her piece to us, we couldn’t wait but share some of the details she has mentioned during our chat as we asked these questions, “How you manage your day given all the stress and pressures from your work?  And how your day looks like?”  Simpol lang kaayo ang iyang tubag.

Read how Ms. D designs her life for a day— taken from our online chat on Nov. 17, 2010.  Gi-English na lang ni ha para social paminawon, joke, but actually our chat was done in our own lingo— BISDAK (Bisayang Dako!) 

As told by Ms. D!

Every day as I wake up, my mind starts recalling where I started of yesterday.  A fresh cuppa coffee charges my mind and even before I have had the last sip of my coffee, the day’s itinerary is all set in my mind.  I am techno savvy but I still count on my personal skills and use technology only to assist me and not the other way around.

7:00am:  Shower and choose my outfit from wardrobe carefully yet fast.  I care about being simple and classy.  I do not just see but notice what I wear.   

8:10am:  My long spree of calls starts in the early hours, checking with my colleagues and my business contacts.  The advantage is that they are all actively awake and their day has already started. My day could start up from anywhere.  It’s a new start every day.

9:00am:  If I start my day from my office, the day starts with the sound my keyboard and I have to attend to all queries that I may had in my inbox.

11:00pm:  I make sure that I am prepared with all the needs to be discusses with the management.  A big part in the morning goes in coordinating with my marketing team and attending calls and queries, sometimes complaints from clients.

12:00pm:  It’s lunch time for me. 

6:00pm:  It’s usually retreat time but actually, my workday is nowhere even close to being over.  Sometimes it’s catching up with a friend from FB or at times my well-wishers who have been there for me in times of necessity and now are there always to encourage me.  I believe in maintaining healthy relationships that’s why I tried to send nice messages to my friends and clients.

8:00pm:  Dinner is usually with close friends.  It could start early… as long as it may take to make it a nice evening.

9:00pm:  Finally, I reach home and set the mood for sleeping with a book of my choice.  I don’t have any preferences but I often read encouraging books from positive-minded people.  Until I wake the next morning… to yet another busy and fulfilling day.

Ana lang ang akong life karon.  Simple but fulfilling, as Ms. D finally ended her chat.

Anyway, we’ll wait for Ms. D to send to us her interesting stories before at BNHS so we can also read and enjoy.


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