Take a look at the images sent to us by Vangie (BNHS Alumna) about her experience going to Simala Church.  We give a place for Vangie’s photos here so everyone can see and enjoy.

Top Photo:  The front view of the whole church structure.  Bottom:  A countless steps going to the church, though tiring according to Vangie but they’re having fun. 


Last November 19, 2010, we had the chance to visit the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist aka Simala Church in Barangay Lindogon, Sibonga, Cebu.  The last time we were here was way back in 2008 when we had an excursion (religious tour) with some of my friends in SFC-Borbon.

If you guys can still remember, a controversy rocked this church few months back.  Despite the controversy, the monastery is still considered as one of the most popular (and most talked-about) religious structures in the island today.

For those who have not visited the new Simala yet, please take a look at some of the recent developments and changes that I captured from my digi-cam when we were there. 

And if you’re planning to visit the new Simala, I suggest you better go in groups and don’t forget to send invitation for me.  You can also call your classmates out there and plan your excursion now.  I believe it will give you personal and spiritual upliftment and satisfaction too.  Visit the place to see it yourself!

This photo shows the new crossways… kinda cool, right?

But guys, take a look at my discovery in the petition board inside the church.  No wonder why our very own “peoples champ” Congressman Manny Pacquiao always get that divine blessings during his fights.

Vangie – BNHS Alumna


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