One alumna named TJ who is currently working in Mandaue City has sent us a rebus brainteaser and she needs our help to solve the puzzle. She needs some possible answers to the picture below so she can present it to her boss. Try to send your answers by clicking that comment portion below and let’s help TJ solve the puzzle.


According to TJ she was informed by her boss that rebus is a picture representation of a name, work or phrase. Each rebus puzzle box below portrays a common word or phrase. Can you guess it?

@BNHS Alumni & Students: If you have some answers in your mind, please let us know.



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3 responses to “TAKE A BREAK: LEISURE BLOG

  1. Maria

    Suway lang ni ako ha. Akong tubag sa rebus #1 THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, #2 BATMAN FOREVER, #3 DO OR DIE AT 12, #4 TO WRITE A THING, #5 CLOSE COUNTERS, #6 BUSINESS AS USUAL. Lisod man ni oy, ambot lang kong sakto ba kaha akong tubag.

  2. Alexander

    Duha ra akong hibaw-an ang una WORL kay WORLD WITHOUT END ug ang ikaduha NIGHT FLY kay FLY BY NIGHT.

  3. @ TJ: Check if the answers of our 2 dear alumni namely Maria & Alexander are acceptable.

    @ Maria: Nice try and I’m pretty amused with your answer to #2 & #3 rebus… BATMAN FOREVER and DO OR DIE AT 12. Mora ug okay sad kaayo da, kay fly night gud— I also think the same, nga nocturnal siguro ni nga mananap like bats. Unya ang Do or die at 12 kay mora man ug harsh ra kaayo, but good…. hahaha.

    @Alexander: Thanks also to your 2 answers and we’ll let TJ decide what’s best for her. Maybe you can think for the answers to the other rebus. Send it to us too!

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