This is a blog entry from a certain anonymous, a very humorous BNHS alumna (name and batch withheld due to her request) and was sent to us out of pity, joke.  In a cover letter sent to us, the following notes were written:

Kanimo BNHS Borbon Moderator,

Maayong adlaw kanimo.  Hinaot nga anaa ka sa maayong panglawas.

Ganahan ko nga matagaan unta ni nimo ug igong panahon nga maapil kining akong hinan-ay nga mga pulong agi’g paghatag ug respeto sa mga maestro ug maestra nako kaniadto sa BNHS nga maoy hinungdan sa akong pagpaningkamot karon.

Palihug intawn maluoy ka sa pag-post ani aron makita ug mabasa sa akong mga teachers kaniadto.



In response to anonymous alumna, we accordingly sent a reply giving assurance to the plea.

Dear Anonymous Alumna,

Your request is noted.

Please be advised that we value contributions from our co-alumna like you.  Your blog to us is highly appreciated and we will post your entry right away.

Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful write-ups.

-BNHS Borbon Moderator

This is how the blog goes…

Photo Credit:  bnhsssg @ fb

Hello alumni! How art thou?

It’s been a very long time that I haven’t been there to my beautiful Alma Mater.  I really wanted to visit my previous school to see my old teachers (read as, ‘dating guro’) and I apologized if I haven’t been in touch with them for quite some time now— but wait, am I that important to my previous teachers in high school? Wish ko lang, lol!

Anyway, the year is about to end with a bang, literally, because of the impending Mount Bulusan eruption somewhere in Sorsogon but let’s just wish and pray that it’ll be a mild one and not catastrophic to our kababayans out there.  Bat ba ang layo ng usapan na to…abot pa hanggang Luzon.  Well, pagpasinsyahan n’yo na at medyo ganito lang talaga ako magsulat pag inspired.

You know, the year 2010 has been very good for me because I’ve learned a lot especially in reaching out to the needy and the sick. Thanks to the assistance of my friends at work (company name withheld), I consider myself quite an achiever this year.  Why?

Maybe because of my teachers in BNHS that had inspired me a lot.  Now I became a better person and I’d like to honour them in this humble list I call, My Most Admired Teachers of BNHS (Years Back).

These are just my choices ha, not the choice of the writers here or the moderator. If you don’t like my list, well, I don’t care. Hahaha! After all, this is my list and not yours. Feel free to make your own sungit though, if you want.

So ladies and gentlemen, alumni, teachers and students of BNHS, here they are.  Beware, I know I’m a bit biased, as the list comprised only of the teachers during my time.  Maybe some of the teachers listed herein may no longer teach in BNHS.

Top of my list is…  Mrs. Lorna T. Ibo (the very energetic school principal).

  1. Mrs. Lo – the effective disciplinarian and guidance counselor
  2. Mr.  Hortel – the very generous social studies teacher (kay dagko mohatag ug grades)
  3. Mrs. Polinag –  the vulnerable English teacher yet compassionate in some ways
  4. Mr. Pacaldo – the master mathematician
  5. Mrs. Tejano – the diligent teacher adviser
  6. Ms. Armodia – also the effective math teacher and adviser
  7. Mr. Taneo – the commandant and a good counselor too
  8. Mrs. de Roda – the kind-hearted home economics teacher like a typical mother
  9. Mrs. Bentulan – the clever teacher in science

10.  Mrs. Valero – the vigorous PE teacher that will make your ten bones…alive

11.  Mr. Mundo – the active PE teacher too

12.  Mrs. Monta – the English teacher who taught us the story of the “Hare and the Moon”

13.  Mrs. Oregenes – TBA (To Be Advised)

14.  Mrs. Pitogo – TBA

15.  Mr. Good – TBA

16.  Mr. Aton – TBA

If I missed the names of other teachers and their attributes, you have to understand, because I already have this thing called social regression malady.  Some of my friends said, that it’s a rare sign of a person reaching his/her late  adulthood stage— it’s quite normal though, kaya intindihin nyo na rin ako.

At isa pa, ganyan talaga ang nagagawa ‘pag lagi kang umiinom ng anti-depressant drugs, medyo magkakaroon ka na talaga ng memory lapses… joke lang.

Peace to all BNHS teachers!  We love you all and thank you very much for the learnings!

-Blog sent to us by Anonymous Alumna


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