A short blog sent to us by LT (batch withheld) about the teacher at BNHS that she admires the most.  Just read her story and maybe you too will share the same feelings, because for me, I will also definitely concur.


She speaks clearly and fluently, very spontaneous and has a very good command in English. 

She used to cover shifts, as I remember when our English teacher was absent.  Seldom only that she taught us, yet her way of teaching really leaved a mark to me.  She was our school principal, none other than Mrs. Lorna T. Ibo.

I dreamt before that someday I will be like her, to speak well in public and carry myself professionally.  I never stopped dreaming though, and now that I am a teacher by profession, I still thought of her as an example.  What a good role model she has become to me. 

Hopefully, I can visit the school again and listen once more to her teachings. 

I am grateful for all the knowledge I had gained from BNHS and I will always treasure it. 

Thanks to Mrs. Ibo (our school principal) and my mentors before for you have lived to your vision and kept the school very competitive up to now. 

Maybe someday our path will cross again.

-Courtesy from LT


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