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I was in my junior year that I experienced the very unforgettable walk of my life.  The excitement that I felt that time was so immense that even my classmates could clearly notice the uneasy behavior I had manifested in our class.  The reason why I had that fretful feeling that very moment was because our adviser announced in the class our senior male-partner during the promenade.  It was a norm obviously that we will be partnered with a senior student, because after all, it wouldn’t be JS Prom anymore.   But what makes me so uneasy that time was the fact that my long time crush in high school will be my partner at the prom.  Goosh, when luck comes around, you really wouldn’t know. 

At the outset, I looked at him every morning during flag ceremonies in school with too much admiration, yet he doesn’t know what I really felt for him.  Only my best friend JJ knows this secret until this time— not even my classmates before discerned the real feeling I had for that boy.  Though I still remember the boy till now but I don’t remember the same feelings anymore.    

So when the date came for our promenade at the plaza, I asked my mother to look for the best Sunday’s dress for me because I want to experience this special day of my high school life.  As expected, I dressed myself sole to crown, as if thinking that I will be the only queen of that night. 

Then, eventually my ride came.  When I reached the town plaza, my classmates met me and we immediately looked for the right spot— somewhere in the corner and near the bandstand.   I waited at the table, making glimpse, taking peek and anxiously gazing at the main entrance hoping that my knight in shining armor will come— yet in vain.

When the call signaling the start of the event echoed and the host announced the order of the program, we immediately lined ourselves up at the main entrance patiently waiting that my partner will come and approached me with his gentle touch.

I was at the rare portion of the queue when someone poked me in the hips and told me to extend my soft hand to him.  When I turn my head up, I was so upset of what I saw and what I smelled.  I saw a musty-looking guy, with a whiff that I can hardly describe.  If I am not mistaken, it was a smell of super duper extra strong red awful horse mixed with a horrible stink of 65— in short RED HORSE plus T-65, I guessed.  I really didn’t expect it coming… that I will be partnered to a drunken man that night. 

To worsen my unforgettable night, our names were finally called and we made a slow motion promenade from the entrance going to the stage feeling so ghastly annoyed at the entire program.

Lucky that I enjoyed the disco after the prom!

But still it was the best JS Prom to remember.





  1. ALVIN

    Hahaha, kaila man ko ani niya ug ang kadtong palahubog niya nga partner. Batch ’95 man ko ug sigurado gyud ko nga ang iyang napares kay ako ‘tong amigo sa high school. Kainom man gani to nako before the prom kay para baga mi ug nawong inig paso ba. Nice post. Hahahaha.

    • Thanks SM for sharing your story. Although I was a bit thrilled at first kay naghuna-huna gyud ko nga manguyab na nimo ang imong crush or the other way around nga imo na gyong i-reveal ang imong feelings ngadto niya, pero naunsa ba nga palahubog man diay to siya. Just wonderin’… asa na man kaha to imong crush ron? Siguro naa na moy pamilya usa’g-usa ninyo? We hope naa pa toy’ part 2 ang story nimo about your high school crush.

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